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AMAA: Amirah-RO & Lola-RO

Hey guys! I was suggested that we do a Ask Me ALMOST Anything with the new team - @Lola-RO and @Amirah-RO!! So, here's your chance!


Let's go!

Online Community Manager

Re: AMAA: Amirah-RO & Lola-RO

First of all, WELCOME TO RO @Lola-RO and @Amirah-RO!!! Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy

How did you find out about Reachout?

What's your favourite colour?

And on a scale of what's marvel to ahhhh*excited nerdy screaming* how much do you like superheroes? (DC included Smiley Tongue)

Guess what day it was!!! It was Wear It Purple Day!! Come on over and learn all about what it is and what you can still do!

Re: AMAA: Amirah-RO & Lola-RO

Hello @Amirah-RO and @Lola-RO!!


So amazing to meet you Smiley Very Happy

I'll start the ball rolling with the following three totally in-depth questions...

[Edit:  I was too slow - so didn't actually get the ball rolling!!]


1)  What is your idea of a perfect Saturday?

2)  Name one thing that you can't live without...


3)  What are you most looking forward to in your new job at ReachOut?



Re: AMAA: Amirah-RO & Lola-RO

Lovely to meet you @Nick-RO Smiley Happy


1- Sunshine! And brunch with a friend (food, always food Smiley Tongue)

2- Coffee!

3- Learning some new skills in the online space! And getting my GIF game up to scratch Smiley Very Happy

Re: AMAA: Amirah-RO & Lola-RO

@Lola-RO @Amirah-RO 


- Do you like dogs? (Hot tip - the correct answer is yes)

- Do you like Kmart? 

- What's your favourite food? 

- Both socks on then shoes, or sock, shoe, sock, shoe? 

-  Post your favourite meme 



//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: AMAA: Amirah-RO & Lola-RO

Thank you @N1ghtW1ng I'm excited to be here and looking forward to getting to know everyone Smiley Happy


I heard about ReachOut from my previous work as a Youth Worker.


My favourite colour seems to change, but most often it's Magenta Smiley Happy


I mean I don't own any action figures or anything but I'll watch the new releases Smiley Very Happy 


Re: AMAA: Amirah-RO & Lola-RO

Wow, some good questions there! @j95


I am a dog lover Smiley Happy Kmart, maybe not so much. I love dumplings! And both socks on first, for sure Smiley HappyRelated image


An oldie but a classic.. Smiley Wink

Re: AMAA: Amirah-RO & Lola-RO

Wow, both socks on first, that's interesting, I'm the one foot at a time type @Amirah-RO
Also, sauce in fridge or pantry? What about Vegemite?
//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: AMAA: Amirah-RO & Lola-RO

Hey @N1ghtW1ng, thanks for the welcome :-)


That's a hard one because I feel like I've known about ReachOut forever, but I probably first heard about it on the radio or saw posters up at uni.  


My favourite colour is yellow (although I own zero yellow clothing items).


Aaaand, I'd put myself at about a 3 on the liking of superheroes scale:  as in, I like them but I just had to google the difference between Marvel & DC Cat Tongue  How about you?  I'm imagining some *excited nerdy screaming*?!  Smiley LOL Smiley Very Happy





Re: AMAA: Amirah-RO & Lola-RO

@j95 pantry! Nothing worse than hardened Nutella Smiley Frustrated


My turn!

1. Favourite genre of music 

2. Are you a morning or night person

3. Who is someone that inspires you?