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Re: AMAA: Amirah-RO & Lola-RO

Ok because I just realised I haven't actually asked any questions yet:


- What's your favourite moment from Brooklyn 99?

- Can you go cross-eyed?

- Cheese or chocolate?


@Amirah-RO @Lola-RO

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Re: AMAA: Amirah-RO & Lola-RO

Yeah I am really looking forward to it mymy new team and all that stuff so it should be good 

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Re: AMAA: Amirah-RO & Lola-RO

Hello and welcome @Amirah-RO and @Lola-RO! Smiley Happy


I'm a huge reader, so I have to ask - what's your favourite book/books?

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Re: AMAA: Amirah-RO & Lola-RO

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii @Amirah-RO @Lola-RO

Do you like cricket. Whose your favourite cricketer?

Do you like snakes?

Favourite food?

What's your favourite game thread (you totally have to post in them to find out)

What are your qualifications?

Are you oooollld?
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Re: AMAA: Amirah-RO & Lola-RO

@lokifish SO many good moments! I think the episode where Ray goes undercover with Peralta in the chopper- "Call me Velvet Thunder" Smiley Very Happy


I can go cross-eyed,is that a skill? haha


CHEESE 🧀 100%

Re: AMAA: Amirah-RO & Lola-RO

I loved The Alchemist! How about you! @letitgo

Re: AMAA: Amirah-RO & Lola-RO

Hi there! @redhead


Not a follower of cricket sorry!


Just to clarify do you mean the edible candy snakes or the reptile? If it's the latter, then definitely NOT, nothing terrifies me more! >_<  do you own a pet snake? I've never understood how some people keep them as pets!!


Fav Food- dumplings!


I'll take your suggestion and look into the games Smiley Happy


I am a social worker Smiley Happy


And LOL! I'd say that's a relative question and you're only as old/young as you feel! 



Re: AMAA: Amirah-RO & Lola-RO

Hiya @redhead

I don't care for cricket (or any sports) much, sorry!
I like that snakes exist, they definitely have a purpose, but I wouldn't like to touch one.
Favourite food: today, it's nachos.
I'll let you know about the games :-)
I have a bachelor degree & a masters.
Some days I feel sooooooo ooooollllllld, but I agree with @Amirah that it's all relative.

Re: AMAA: Amirah-RO & Lola-RO

Yaaaaay, Go Geelong Cats!!!!!

Re: AMAA: Amirah-RO & Lola-RO

Thaaaats the spirit Smiley Very Happy (elmo 1, loki 0)