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AMAA - Bay52VU

@Bay52VU has kindly volunteered to be the next person on the hot seat! AMAA stands for Ask Me Almost Anything where we get to ask Bay almost anything! Smiley Very Happy


Here are the rules:
For the next week you can ask Bay52VU pretty much whatever you want and they'll have a crack at answering as many questions as they can! Remember, they can only give you answers within the guidelines though and don't have to answer right away (or at all)! Other than that though, go nuts!

Re: AMAA - Bay52VU

Cool thread!
I'll start with a tough one,
So @Bay52VU, what is your favourite sport to play?

Re: AMAA - Bay52VU

Haha thanks @N1ghtW1ng Smiley Very Happy

Hmmm that is a tough one @Alison5 . I'm having trouble choosing between soccer and hockey cause I used to love both although I don't play any sports atm. I think I'll go with soccer, I like kicking the ball and trying to get into position and sprinting up/down the field haha. Fun fact, I was once so annoyed about having to play volleyball for the millionth time in PE that I refused to do anything but try to kick the ball over the net Smiley Tongue I wasn't very good lol Smiley Tongue I also kept wanting to kick the ball when I had to play netball Smiley Tongue

Re: AMAA - Bay52VU

ooh i like hockey and soccer too! but i prefer hockey because im better with melee weapons >Smiley Happy 


What do you think makes you a good person? be as conceited as you like!!

Re: AMAA - Bay52VU

@Bay52VU Are there any famous people / great thinkers you look up to? Smiley Very Happy

Re: AMAA - Bay52VU



Can you program, what languages can you code in?


What does "resilience"  mean to you?

Re: AMAA - Bay52VU

@ivory haha yeah hockey sticks are pretty weapon-like Smiley Wink One game when I was a kid someone managed to break my stick somehow during the game Smiley Tongue I was so upset at the time but its pretty funny now Smiley Very Happy

Good question. Let's see here...
- I care about how people are feeling (even though I'm often not great at showing it)
- I assume people are generally honest, unless they're a salesperson-on-duty Smiley Tongue So I don't really get caught up in hidden plots and drama that I'veI've seen happen with some people.
- I believe that everyone is smart, has value, and has the potential to change the world. People are good at different things and all have their own talents which can be super useful in all kinds of situations.

Re: AMAA - Bay52VU

@Bree-RO Honestly I've never really kept informed about famous people. Stephen Hawking is the only one that comes to mind. But non-famous people do stuff all the time that's also pretty worth looking up to... I'm probably equally uninformed about all of them Smiley Tongue

@Ben-RO yep, I learned matlab at uni. Can sort of read some fortran cause it's similar to matlab. Done a bit of VBA for excel (macros), little bit of super-basic SQL, and am currently stuck on a problem involving my first attempt at dealing with XML/XSL and python. Buuuut I'm not a software engineer so I'm not meant to do anything serious with it at work. Smiley Tongue

Resilience to me is the way someone responds internally and externally to things that happen in life as a spectrum rather than as a single event. Kind of how a person manages both the easier and difficult stuff that they come across to spring back to their baseline.

Re: AMAA - Bay52VU

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

What was your dream job when you were a kid?

Favourite way to relax?

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: AMAA - Bay52VU

Where did your username come from? (It's so interesting and cool Smiley Very Happy)
Do you sleep with the window open?