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Re: AMAA - Bay52VU

The meal question is very challenging cause I like so many foods but get sick of all of them if I have to have them heaps often in a row haha Smiley Wink I don't think there's a meal that I would never get stick of so with that in mind I won't pick one that's a top favourite. I've decided to pick roast beef with roast veges and steamed broccoli and gravy. If I'm going to get sick of eating something I might as well pick something that has reasonable healthy-status.

When I was a kid I went through a bunch of different phases. The biggest one was wanting to be a marine biologist who studied dolphins, whales and rays. But also smaller phases to do with being a paleontologist, a dog breeder, a singer, and a spy Smiley Tongue

At the moment my fav way to relax is to listen to/watch asmr videos. For those who haven't heard of it, asmr = autonomous sensory meridian response, which is where some susceptible people feel a soft tingling feeling on their head/scalp in response to audio and/or visual stimuli (e.g. whispering, noises made with various objects like tapping, brushing, crinkling; or waching an object being moved around deliberately).

Re: AMAA - Bay52VU

My username was actually chosen from a combo of things. At the time I joined up I was working on something at work where certain locations on a vehicle were all described in that sort of format (so for my made up one its like a wiring bay, number 5, on the right hand side = 2, and then 2 random letters). The parts of the made-up location are actually an address where I used to meet up with my bro and a friend to walk home from school (#52 Bayview... which I don't think breaches guidelines to say cause this was over 15yrs ago and I'm not even saying the suburb ). I actually had an older account which had 82 instead of 52 which was a place where we'd sometimes go but swapped it when I cancelled that one and signed back up.

Yep I sleep with the window open, otherwise things seem to get too stuffy. Unless there's way too much breeze, or too much noise outside. My bedroom now has a glass sliding door instead of a window so I usually only have that open a little bit.

Re: AMAA - Bay52VU

@Bay52VU if you could live in one movie universe, which one would it be and why?

Re: AMAA - Bay52VU

@Bay52VU One question: Are you awesome? Smiley Wink

Re: AMAA - Bay52VU

@Bay52VU if you could invite any 6 people to a dinner party, who would they be and why?

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: AMAA - Bay52VU

@Chessca_H I'll have to pick Star Wars, as long as I get to be on a planet that actually gets the cool technology to play with... Because AI robots, flying personal vehicles with high manouevreability at zero/low/high speed. And because space. So it'd be cool even if I didn't happen to be a jedi.




@RevzZ My awesomeness level is a periodic function:



@letitgo I'd invite my boyfriend and then let him pick the other 5, cause he's the type of person who enjoys dinner parties and would be excited to invite a bunch of people, whereas I'm the type of person who would rather hide in my room and wait til they're gone. Smiley Tongue Making a guess at who he might invite or if I still had to pick for him, probably someone from a pool of historical US Presidents... maybe FDR... (he's big into that sort of stuff), George Carlin, Gene Wilder (his comedic heroes), and his uncle and grandpa (both unfortunately have passed away but they were both super important people in his life). 


Re: AMAA - Bay52VU

Heyyy @Bay52VU!


Bubbly water or flat water?


How great are mangoes? (Does the plural of mango have an e on the end?)


Which member of the Harry Potter universe would make the best Prime Minister?


Do you go for a footy team? Which one?


What's your favourite way to eat potatoes? (Does the plural of potato have an e on the end?)


Can you do any tricks with a yoyo?

Re: AMAA - Bay52VU

Hiya @roseisnotaplant

Flat water. I don't understand the appeal of bubbly water at all - I want to be able to drink it, not have bubbles bursting in my mouth.


Mangoes are awesome! Smiley Very Happy Particularly mango lassi. I may be obsessed Smiley Tongue I'm voting yes on the 'e'.


Hmmmmmmm. I don't know a lot of the supporting characters well enough to nominate them. I actually think Hermione could do a pretty good job though, because she's usually pretty level headed and fair, keeps informed about everything so would be able to make informed decisions, and would be motivated to do the best job she could.


I don't actually go for any footy teams. I prefer soccer but don't even follow Aus or Euro teams, although my default favs are Brisbane Strikers (did a soccer camp with the franchise as a kid), Man United (always picked them in the PC game we had as a kid), and Brazil as an international team if I'm not going for Aus or NZ (always picked Brazil in the N64 game, plus saw them play Cameroon in the Sydney Olympics althouuuugh they lost, boo).


Oh man potatoes are the best. I think I'll have to pick hash browns as the best potato configuration, closely followed by hot chips Smiley Wink Another vote yes for 'e'. Smiley Happy


The only trick I can do with a yoyo is demonstrate centripetal force Smiley Tongue