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Re: ATSI Gathering Place

Thanks @lennycat2017
Saw him today who gave me some both good and bad news... he sent around an email to his work asking if anyone knows of anything that might be able to help me and they found a couple of things, just the only problem is they are applications which means it might be a few months before I can even go.
Worth looking at though
Also got new skate board

Re: ATSI Gathering Place

Hey @Saltwaterdreamtime thanks for the update! It's good that you got to catch up with your YSW Smiley Happy Did you talk to him about everything that's going on with your siblings at the moment? I know that's been pretty hard on you lately. 


It's also great to know that there are applications out there for you to apply for! While it's not ideal that they could take a little while it is definitely worth looking at and applying for Smiley Happy


Nice! What colour is the skateboard?





Re: ATSI Gathering Place

Hello everyone, its been a while since there has been any activity on this thread. 


Just checking in to see what you mob are up to and if anyone has any deadly stories to share. 


Talk soon Smiley Very Happy

Re: ATSI Gathering Place

Re: ATSI Gathering Place

Hey there @Saltwaterdreamtime,


Thanks for sharing that article! Just letting you know that I edited your post to fix the link, it is interesting to hear about the perspectives of others on a particular topic. Thank you again for sharing! Smiley Happy


I am finishing with ReachOut this week, say good-bye here. I'll miss you all!

Re: ATSI Gathering Place

The full video is so much better @Jay-RO but I can’t link it as it’s on
Facebook. It was on the page ABC Indigenous
Briggs is a legend

Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Gathering Place

Which tribe do you, your ancestors and family belong to?

Kamillaroi - Tinga Moree

What is your absolute favourite thing to do when you have spare time?

Sleep and/or watch movies

What makes you most proud about being Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander?

The fact that we focused on sustainability of the land for up to 80,000 years

Re: Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Gathering Place

I witnessed my first Indigenous Smoking Ceremony last week, and it was SUCH a powerful experience and I really wanted to share it with this wonderful community.

I hope that I can continue to expand my knowledge of this country's Indigenous culture in various ways, this thread being one Smiley Happy

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Gathering Place

Hello! How is everyone going? @Saltwaterdreamtime @lennycat2017 


Check out our community activities calendar here

Re: Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Gathering Place

@Jess1-RO Hey! I am back from a long sabbatical. Uni has been pretty full on this semester and I've struggled to find time to get on RO but I am back to making my commitment to at least jump on 2 times a week! Thanks for checking in Smiley Happy