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An interview with... Pris

"An interview with..." is a monthly feature interview with a forum member. When will it be your turn? Keep an eye out for an email from us coz we are interviewing someone new every month... who will we interview next month? It's a great way to find out more about the people who make this place so great!


Pris joined the forums at the end of August last year and has risen to Super Frequent Scribe with some awesome posts! Pris can almost always be found posting in all of our threads, like this super three positives of today post in Everyday Life. Pris is also commonly found responding to others users posts like this epic post. Pris has also given some awesome advice about meeting people from the internet! Great tips and tricks Pris!


So lets get to know... Pris



RO: How long have you been using the forums?


I've been using the forums on and off for about a year, but I've been lurking on them on and off since I think early 2010.
How did you first hear about
I first heard of it off a friend of mine. He was a bit of a lurker too, actually.
What's your favourite forum thread?
My favourite would be The Best Advice thread.
What's your favourite sub-form (e.g. Games, Hang Out, Everyday life stuff, etc)
Well, Hanging Out, of course.
You mentioned in the forums that one of your favourite quotes is "It doesn't do well to dwell on dreams and forget to live."--Albus Dumbledore. Firstly, which is your favourite Harry Potter book, and secondly - what is it about this quote that you find appealing?
I think my favourite of the Potter books would have to be either The Prisoner of Azkaban or The Half-Blood Prince, because I think these are the books with the best character development. 

That quote, which as many people probably know is from the first book, connects with me because I think it's quite reflective of the human condition. I mean, you see so many people out there who are essentially stuck in their own dreams and can't get anything done because of it and because they don't know how to go about it. But then Dumbledore walks in and sees Harry there, on the edge of becoming like that, and he knows Harry's meant for something more, so he gives him the nudge he needs to not become that person, because I think Dumbledore realised that you start developing your own character from the moment you're born and you keep developing until the day you die. 

But he needed Harry to be a certain person in the next few years, so he said exactly what he needed to say to keep Harry on the straight and narrow. But here's the thing: I think it's good advice for anyone, because we all need to be a certain person to improve humanity. I don't say that flippantly, I mean it--I really do believe that it's everybody's responsibility to try and improve humanity in some small way, and you won't do that by dwelling on dreams and forgetting to live
If you could have any job in the whole world, what would it be and why?
If I could have any job, I'd be a teacher. Preferably teaching history or English, but I'm getting a TAFE certificate in hospitality next year, so I guess I wouldn't mind teaching hospitality either.
What do you think your spirit animal is and why?
I'm not really sure how spirit animals work, to be honest. I guess I'm going to go with a dog, because I tend to be very loyal to the people I care about, even if I don't always like to admit it
Seen any good movies or tv shows lately?
The best movie I saw recently would probably be 50/50. The best TV show I've seen recently would be Firefly
What's your favourite song at the moment?

My favourite quote-unquote cheery song right now is Skip to the Good Part by He Is We. My overall favourite would either be Our July in the Rain or Kiss It All Better, both by He is We.




Re: An interview with... Pris

First! Also, a half dozen videos embedded. Brace yourselves.


Also consider these quote-unquote cheery songs; I don't know why I didn't think of these when I first did the interview.



Also, the other two songs with the videos that didn't get posted. These aren't quite as cheery but whatever, everyone likes sad songs...right? Right?



50/50 trailer:



Clip from Firefly:


Re: An interview with... Pris

Wow @Pris 

I can't believe you have been on the forums for so long. Awesome Smiley Very Happy

I think you should be a teacher do what you are most passionate about. 


Interesting interview. 

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: An interview with... Pris

Yeah, it's coz I usually just lurk a lot and I only contribute when I think I have something worth listening to. Generally speaking, people seem to think what I have to contribute is worth reading, so I guess I haven't done too bad so far.

Re: An interview with... Pris

ooooh a fellow Firefly fan! Hi  @Pris

Here's my absolute favourite Firefly fan video ever!!



Re: An interview with... Pris

WOOO Firefly fans! I feel like there isn't many people who like that tv show.... wish it was never cancelled

Re: An interview with... Pris

@dreamcatcher wrote:

WOOO Firefly fans! I feel like there isn't many people who like that tv show.... wish it was never cancelled

My favourite character on the show is Mal Reynolds because he was funny. I think if the show had have gone for another couple of seasons, I think I would have ended up liking Shepherd Brook or River Tam more though, because I think they would have ended up having the more interesting character arcs through the series. The season we got though was very good, and it did well setting up the plotlines which would have continued in later seasons though.


I'm not sure how people are going to react to this, but I like Star Trek too. It's mainly because of moments like these though: