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An interview with... florenceforever

"An interview with..." is a monthly feature interview with a forum member. When will it be your turn? Keep an eye out for an email from us coz we are interviewing someone new every month... who will we interview next month? It's a great way to find out more about the people who make this place so great!



florenceforever joined the forums back in 2012 to help us test out the new forums before there were launched! florenceforever can almost always be found posting in all wide variety of threads, but you'll often find florenceforever hanging out in, well Hanging Out with posts like this, which make us realise what a kind and caring person florenceforever is. You'll also find florenceforever regularly getting involved in Getting Real sessions, like this recent one on going back to study.


So lets get to know... florenceforever




RO: How long have you been using the forums?

ff: I helped test out the new forums. I saw a post on Facebook and thought it sounded pretty cool, so I started back in July 2012. However I have only just recently returned to the forums after taking a break for about a year.


How did you first hear about

I can’t quite remember actually. I’ve followed the Facebook page for about two years now, and I often use the website for advice.


What's your favourite forum thread?

You will almost always find me in the Hang Out section


What's your favourite sub-form (e.g. Games, Hang Out, Everyday life stuff, etc)

It’s a tie between the Hanging Out section and Every Day Life Stuff


You said recently that this year you're going to try and find a better balance between study and other activities. Great idea! What are some of the other activities you're going to do when you're not studying? 


Currently I dedicate some time volunteering for two different organisations. My roles for both are completely different, but I love doing both of them and I’m gaining so many skills.


In my down time I like to see the friends I don’t get to see at uni, as well as lie on the couch in my room and read. If I’m meant to be studying, then you will often find me in the kitchen baking or around the house cleaning!


If you could have any job in the whole world, what would it be and why?

My dream job would be to run or be the CEO of a non-for-profit organisation that works towards helping the world's poorest, especially in ensuring they are receiving their human rights, shelter, care, clean food and water, sanitation and a form of education.


I’m currently studying to be a psychologist, and am also obsessed with tennis, and I would love to become a sport psychologist and travel on the tennis circuit!


Seen any good movies or tv shows lately?

Recently I’ve seen Frozen and The Hunger Games Catching Fire at the movies – absolutely loved both of them! My all time favourite tv show is Bones, but I have also recently been introduced to 2 Broke Girls and Community and really like them too!


What's your favourite song at the moment?

This can and does change hourly! I did just listen to Demi Lovato’s ‘Let it Go’ whilst baking, which is a big winner for me. I listen to ‘All Alright’ by Fun when I need a pick me up.



What's your favourite inspiring/celebrity/movie quote and why?


I have three that I try to stick by, the first about happiness, the second about achievement and the third about life.


1.     The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything

2.     We get the results we deserve, not the ones we want

3.   Just keep swimming – Dory!

Re: An interview with... florenceforever

Great to hear more about you  @florenceforever ! Smiley Happy

Re: An interview with... florenceforever

@florenceforever I love that song by Demi Lovato, and the movie was awesome. Its awesome to know so much about you. You sound like a motivated person and sports psych wow, awesome Smiley Happy best of luck with that. 

**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**