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Announcement: New forum area coming

Hey guys... I wanted to get your opinion on something... So we have the opportunity to bring in a new feature to the forums... Have you guys ever used a Q&A site like Yahoo!Answers? Well it's a Q&A module that's getting funded through the The Sorter app.


Basically everyone will have the opportunity to ask a question - on ANYTHING - and then everyone can give their answers, share their experiences etc and the question asker can give a high five to the answers they like and those answers will be labelled "answer".


What I like about it is that it's not just about one answer being the only answer - you can have multiple perspectives adn they all can be right.


The most popular questions and answers will then be uploaded to The Sorter app as Sorter adivce!!! So it's your chance to get your ideas to the thousands of people who have downloaded the sorter!


Anyway, I know what change can be a bit scary so I thought I'd show you what it would like like on the main page....




SO - tell me what you think! You guys have so many good ideas I think it's a great opportunity to share those ideas with the world!!

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Re: Announcement: New forum area coming

I like it, I like it alot Smiley Happy Bring it on whooow!!!

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Re: Announcement: New forum area coming

I really like this idea @Sophie-RO
I also love that the popular answers are going into the app!! I had the app on my old tablet and would have loved more advice on different topics, so this is awesome!

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Re: Announcement: New forum area coming

Sounds awesome. Smiley Happy

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