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Any Church people out there?

I go to Anglican Church here in Sydney and would like to expand my Christian network of friends (Anglicans, Baptist, Catholics....)

Re: Any Church people out there?

Hi Owen,


I had to remove your photograph as revealing personal information is a breach of our community guidelines.

You might be interested in this thread about religion -


Re: Any Church people out there?

Hi Owen2013. Smiley Happy  Welcome to RO! 


Unfortunately, due to the forums being anonymous (see the guidelines) no one can actually give you their specific contact details or anything like that. But I think it's awesome that you want to talk about your faith and expand your knowledge about other types/views of the Christian faith. And we can definitely do that (although it's important to remember others may have varying thoughts/opinions). Smiley Happy 


I'm an Anglican from Tassie and I like my faith because, among other things, it can give me strength. I also really enjoy doing communion and also fellowshipping with other believers. 

What do you like about your faith?

For others from other faiths, what does your faith mean to you? Are there certain practices in your faith?  


OR head to the link that ElleBelle mentioned above. Smiley Happy 

Re: Any Church people out there?

Hey Owen. I am a christian too, Coptic Orthodox to be exact!

Re: Any Church people out there?

Wow guys, I want to hear more about your respective religions.


Firstly, what is Coptic Orthodox?

Re: Any Church people out there?

Im not christian, Hinta Sepra but it doesnt bother me, not to be critical but a friendship should be based on far more everyday qualities like common interests. my best friend is a muslim. NOT comparing you but hitler was Lutheran (christian) and he was kind of a dick in every other aspect

Re: Any Church people out there?

Paris149: This would be one of those battles that I would say, not worth picking!!
See my number 4:

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