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Hey guys I joined this forum to get a better understanding about what asexual and aromantic mean. 

I am curious because from the research that I have done it describes my partner of 5 years. So therefore although he might not realize that he is I would like to be more understanding of his sexuality so I can adapt to it since I have been beating myself up thinking something is wrong with me. 

Thank you in advance for your time and advice. 


Re: Aromantic

Hi @Jv welcome to ReachOut and thank you for sharing with us. I'm wondering if you have spoken to anyone or your partner about this? Is it something that has been impacting your relationship with him or something you've observed? I'm sorry to hear that you have felt like there has been something wrong with you and I can appreciate why you want to get a better understanding of him. Just letting you know I'm also going to send you an email so please keep a look out Heart

Re: Aromantic

Heya there friend @Jv and welcome to the forums!!

There is never anything wrong with you Smiley Happy Sexuality is such a personal thing, and so changeable too. I'm asexual and aromantic myself, and I explain it as I simply don't feel sexually or romantically attracted to people. That's all it is. Some asexual and aromantic people are interested in sex or romance respectively, but like with everything it's a spectrum.
If you feel comfortable, it might be worth having a discussion with him and seeing how he feels and what his own boundaries and labels are.

I hope you're having a good new years Smiley Happy

Re: Aromantic

I havent spoken to my partner about it because he would just dismiss it. He has never questioned his sexuality to him its just something he doesnt like to do. Ive tried asking my friends that are a part of the lgbt community but they havent provided much insight that I would actually be able to understand. There hasnt really been a huge impact in our relationship besides him joining the military. 

Re: Aromantic

Hi @Jv this sounds really tricky.

I wonder if you'd be willing to contact Qlife 1800 184 527, they have a lot of information on sexuality and gender.

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart