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Art Student in Need of Help

Hey guys,


Im doing an art project on the face and have chosen to do it about the mind.  It is something that interests me very much 


as I'm also studying psychology.  I am interested in hearing stories of any type for inspiration.  Everything is completely


confidential I do not need pictures or names of any kind, I am just looking for a non superficial understanding of other


people's minds through introspection and their view of the world.  It would be great to hear from you and hopefully through hearing your stories, I can


open my mind to a relm that is yet to be accessed.



I'd really appreciate your help,




Re: Art Student in Need of Help

Could you be a little more specific about the type of stories you're looking for? Any topic in particular?

Re: Art Student in Need of Help

Hey DFalc


Wow, that sounds like quite a task! So are you going to draw the mind in an abstract-ish way?


So you are asking "people's minds through introspection and their view of the world" I am summarising this as "my way of seeing the world", is that cool?


I guess for me is because I am studying to be a scientist, I tend to look at new things with a touch of curiosity. Then it leads to me questioning why somethings happened or why they are as they are. So I try to keep my mind blank when I am approached by this new phenomenon, then the gears start to work to make sense of what I am seeing.




When I am going through a tough time (like having a bad day), the way I see the world changes completely. Some poeple describe it as "tunnel-vision" where the view of the world becomes very narrow and have a black or white splash on it.


So I guess it depends on my attitude and the emotions I am feel that day. Some days when I am open to anything, the world is wider and brighter. Other days, the world appear smaller and not that interesting.


Hope that can kick start other's people's view of the world Smiley Happy


Re: Art Student in Need of Help

Okay well I guess I'll go with that - my way of seeing the world... I think the world is a place so full of life and opportunities and diversity, that life really is a massive great adventure that should be grasped with both hands. I'm an artist and I've always considered myself to be kind of on the ambitious side, but that's not without my own accomplishments. I'm 18, and already I've won several competitions, been featured in a magazine, spoken at an Adobe conference, been featured numerous times online, as well as countless more achievements in school. I do all this because I believe in the importance of grasping at all opportunities. I've had people compliment me a lot and tell me that I must be so talented to do all this stuff, and while a part of me knows that that is true, the other part of me is laughing because I think that those who don't achieve anything are those who don't try. 


I believe that every person is in control of their own lives. So if there is something you want (within reason), then I think you should go GET IT. If there is something in your lfie that you're not happy with, you should CHANGE IT. If something needs fixing, FIX IT. I'm greatly frustrated by people who (for lack of better way of putting it) sit around and do nothing. I'm greatly frustrated by people who complain about their situation, yet when told to do something about it, all they have are petty excuses - "no I don't feel like it", "no I can't", "no that's not gonna work". You can't expect your situation to change if YOU don't do something about it. The world is such an incredible place and so full of opportunities, I don't understand how some people can waste it being trapped by their own inhibitions or insecurities. 


In relation to that, I also think that each and every person is in control of their own thoughts, mind, and attitudes. There are so many people who acknowledge that their own worst enemy is themself, but if you are in control of yourself, why do you allow yourself to become your own worst enemy? If a particular thought is not beneficial to you, CHANGE IT. If an attitude is not helpful, CHANGE IT. If there is negativity outside of your control, ignore it. After all, why should things like other people's opinions/words affect you if they are not going to be beneficial to you. You are the only one who can both harm or improve yourself, other people can try, but at the end of the day it all comes down to you. But why would you waste your energy on things/thoughts/ideas/attitudes/words/opinions if it's not going to be an improvement to your life or your current state of being? 


When it comes down to it, I see the world as a place of opportunities, and each person has the opportunity to make of it what they will. 


I'm not sure if this just made me sound a little... "hard-hearted" or unsympathetic towards people going through hardships. I thought I should add that I have the greatest sympathy for anyone going through tough times or in situations which cannot change. But I do believe that for everyone, nothing is permanent, nothing is set in stone, and you never know when an opportunity for change is just around the corner. Love is the most powerful force in the world, and as long as you have someone to love (even yourself) and there are people left in the world to love, there is always hope. 


And last but not least, I think that the world really just needs a whole lot more laughter Smiley Very Happy


Sorry if this turned out super long, I think partway through I somehow started going off on tangents and transitioning into a kind of motivational speech type thing lol.... I hope that helps anyway. 


TL;DR - Opportunities. Go get them.