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Re: Books!

Oooo! Books!


The last book I read: WARP: The Hangman's Revolution - Eoin Colffer.

  • I've loved Eoin Colfer ever since I was younger and read Artmis Fowl. 


The book I am currently reading: Something from the Nightside - Simon R.Green.

  • A dectective x dark fantasy novel. I'm only a little way in, but I really like it so far. It's got some really spooky sounding monsters in it so far.


Books I want to read next: Rest of the Nightside novels,

  • There's a whole set of them apparently. I'm looking forward to reading the rest!


@safari93 I love Terry Prattchett! Have you read The Long Earth series that he co-wrote ? 

Re: Books!

Wow! You guys have so many amazing book recommendations. Some of these, I've never even heard of. 


And, I've obviously entered the 'intellectual hipster' thread hahaha~

Stay excellent

Re: Books!

The last book I read: The Best of Me - Nicholas Sparks


The book I am currently reading: Die Trying  - Lee Child


Books I want to read next: The (rest of) Kay Scarpetta series by Patricia Cornwell

  • Bit of a crime junkie so I'm really looking forward to finishing the series


ThIs thread is gonna be my favourite!! Smiley Tongue

Re: Books!

So many books guys! definitely adding these to my book 'bucket list' Smiley Tongue

Any To Kill A Mockingbird fans? Have you heard Harper Lee is releasing a sequel? What are your thoughts?
sometimes it rains, sometimes it shines, this is how flowers grow

Re: Books!

Yes, I also love to read!! Cat Very Happy


There are two photos of me on our family holidays when I was 11 and 12... in both of them I was sitting READING, munching on an apple! Smiley Embarassed .... And i've never looked back! Haha!


(At least in this thread here I don't feel so geeky now!! ...Hi-ho, hipsters! Cat Tongue )


Some of my favourite genres include crime / thrillers , any classics , and light-hearted / comedy.



And i ALWAYS go by the premise that "The book is infintely better than the movie!"


Does anyone wish to challenge me on that?  :-)


***(PS. except maybe for To Kill A Mockingbird would be a pretty close call - powerful performances from all - can't wait for the sequel to the book, but would hate them try to turn that into a movie in this modern era now).


Re: Books!

You are all making me want to read more!


I say I dont have time but tbh I could probably cut the time i spend on the net and my phone and patting dogs and read a few books! (Not that id stop patting dogs of course though pshhh)


Has anyone read Gone Girl? I have seen the movie and loved it.. then bought the book because I just saw it in the shop pretty cheap tbh haha..


My friend said she couldnt get into the book?


Re: Books!

@hartley_ I just read Gone Girl about a month ago and it's SO GOOD. Read it before I watched the movie and it kind of ruined the movie for me because there's so much more detail that they couldn't fit in.

Re: Books!

@Chessca_H if you like that then read her other book!!! and a book called "before i go to sleep" - so good. Ver similar books

Re: Books!

@hartley_ i read gone girl in two days and was left just speechless. GIven your interest in psych and crim - youll really like it. The part is a bit slow moving but then it picks up. The movie and book were pretty similar im not sure which i liked more... but i think the book was better

Re: Books!

@EloiseRose Definitely planning on reading that and her other book "Dark Places", should make a start on that before I go back to uni and have no time for anything Smiley Tongue