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Re: Books!

@Maddyw wrote:

I really liked The Fault in our Stars (although it will probably make you cry a lot) 

BAHAHAHAHA @Maddyw, literally TFIOS is the saddest thing I've read, OMG the tragedy... Think I cried for weeks afterwards...

Re: Books!

I also read all of John Green's books as a teenager (I think it's kind of a right of passage these days Smiley Tongue)

Paper Towns was my favourite, but he's written a whole bunch. Has anyone read the books he's co-written with other authors? I remember at my first mod workshop I read Let It Snow (it led to @letitgo and I bonding over books Smiley Tongue) and I quite enjoyed it!

I'm still yet to read Turtles All The Way Down, as well as Hank's book. Thanks for the reminder @Maddyw! Smiley Very Happy
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Re: Books!



You should read Turtles All The Way Down. It is one of my faves of his. It's phenomenal