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Re: Books!

Yes @blobby, I have! I read it many moons ago now, but I remember it being totally awesome. I always loved Atticus, what a fabulous name. Have you read Harper Lee's other book, Go Set a Watchman? 

Re: Books!

@queenP no I haven't! I'm currently reading book called The Making of You. It's a non-fiction book that tells you what happens inside the womb during the gestation period. Totally fascinating!

As soon as I finish this one, I'm going to read Go Set A Watchman. Dad has it on his bookshelf, so luckily it's easily accessible Smiley Happy

I'm heading off to bed now - maybe after an episode of the office Smiley Happy

love and hugs, 

blobby Smiley Happy

Re: Books!

That sounds really interesting! I might check it out! 

Goodnight Smiley Very Happy 

Re: Books!

I'm currently reading a really thought provoking book called The Uses of Sadness Smiley Happy 

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Re: Books!

I recently finished You by Caroline Kepnes (which is now a show on Netflix) which I found utterly disturbing so I am now reading a social physchology book about communication by Mark Rhodes. 

Re: Books!

What books do you think were well adapted into becoming a movie or tv show? 


@Maddyw @jvkn @letitgo @queenP @blobby 

Re: Books!

I have heard someone saying that Throne of Glass is going to become a tv show and I have read the first 4 books of the series and it is pretty amazing @dncinginthedirt . I have also heard that Outlander is pretty good but I have yet to see it or read them. They're on my list. 


Do you read at all? 

Re: Books!

I also think the Red Queen trilogy would be epic to watch. I am currently reading the last book. I can't wait to find out what happens! 


Oh and A Court of Thorns and Roses. I have yet to finish that series too. 

Re: Books!

I haven't heard of throne of glass. I have also heard outlander is good. Also heard good things about homeland. I also watch the walking dead and fear the walking dead.
The last tv show i was as into as game of thrones was breaking bad. Did you watch that?

Yes i do like to read Smiley Happy i mostly read true stories and autobiographies.

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Re: Books!

Throne of Glass is about a young girl who grows up training to be an assassin and there is a kingdom and war and magic too. Red queen trilogy is about a nation divided by the colour of their blood, Silver and Reds. The reds are considered lesser because they don't have powers like the silvers do so they are essentially slaves. And A court of thorns and roses is about Faeries and kingdoms and war and fighting and magic! @dncinginthedirt 


I have seen a couple episodes of The walking dead but haven't followed the series. It is good but also scares me. I might get into watching that some time. I have never seen homeland. I have seen breaking bad but i wasn't a fan. 


I'm more into young adult fantasy and adventure with kingdoms and war. I love Merlin and Once upon a time, Sabrina, Buffy, as well as lots more that i can't think of right now.