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Re: Bored . So Hello

Did you want to start a thread at all? We can get the community to support you. @Nightruner23 You can start a topic here if you want. Heart

Re: Bored . So Hello

Thanks @Bree-RO i will see qhat happening with my dad before i do that

Re: Bored . So Hello

hey @mrmusic


I have had a great day today very productive, I handed in an assignment which I thought I had heaps to do on but it turns out I didn't. Smiley Happy 


Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well, I think that there's something going around at the moment. 

Hope you feel better soon Smiley Happy

Re: Bored . So Hello

I wish I was in bed @mrmusic (not sick though Smiley Tongue) Feel better soon! Smiley Happy

@hmm789 nice work on getting that assignment in Smiley Happy It's such a wonderful feeling.

Re: Bored . So Hello

@mrmusichonestly I feel like today has been a waste and I haven't achieved much at all! I'm meant to be on prac for the next 4 weeks but my lecturer has yet to find me a placement (long frustrating story) so I am at home watching Netflix and eating maltesers. 

I did bake some brownies as I am helping cater a friend's wedding in just under 2 weeks so they are in the freezer ready to go (just need to bake some caramel slice and sugar cookie slice and I am done). 

I am praying that I get a prac placement either today or tomorrow so the rest of my week will be better but who knows! 

Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: Bored . So Hello

@mrmusicoh no! I hope you feel better soon!
I second @N1ghtW1ng I wish I was in bed! Alas I had to get up and hobble around doing stuff. My foot played up today so I was like a duck waddling around trying to be nice to it Smiley Tongue

@hmm789 YAY! Congrats on getting the assignment in!

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Bored . So Hello

I hope you feel better soon @mrmusic! Colds are horrible, luckily the recovery time is usually pretty quick! Drink lots of water! 


@hmm789 whoo congrats on getting that assignment in!! Good work Smiley Happy 


Well done getting some baking done @ErinsAntics, I'm sure your friend will love your brownies! Prac placements can be soooo frustrating, hey? 




Re: Bored . So Hello

hi everyone

sorry i havent been on for a few days. how are you all doing?

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Bored . So Hello