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Building first custom gaming computer

Hey all
If there are any tech heads out there - i need advise on a great GPU - i can't pick between Nvidia or Ati ???
Please help

Re: Building first custom gaming computer

@Marcus29 not sure what kind of responses you'll get here - probably a better bet to ask for opinions over in a pc builder's forum like Tom's Hardware where there's a much bigger group of people who know their way around the topic.

But for a layman's opinion I'd suggest just looking at the available Nvidia and AMD cards and seeing which one has the best features to suit what you want to use it for, fits in the price range you've allocated for the GPU, and is in stock at the place/s you've scoped out to buy it from.


I just have a personal preference for Nvidia with no real data backing it up. When I did mine about 2 years ago I went for a GTX 760 when the card I'd actually tried to order (also an Nvidia) was out of stock.