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Re: Burning House

Well, I don't actually own any hard copy photos, so...
haha I think I've got to be the most practically-minded person here! (phone, wallet, passport)
lol I suppose if I were to be non-practically-minded, I'd choose...
1. Cheryl, my guitar 
2. this

3. a notebook given to me by my favourite teacher (and now friend), not just because it's special because it was given to me by her, but also because it'll be something to draw in Smiley Happy

Re: Burning House

I would take my camera, my hard drive and photos
Everything else is replaceable but these things have sentimental value to me

Re: Burning House

I'd take my photos, my journal and my teddy bear. I'm a reaaally sentimental person

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Re: Burning House

I think the only hard copy photos that I treasure are the one's my parents and grandparent developed. Even though we have scanned copies of all the photos nothing beats the sentimental value of the original

Re: Burning House

@Rue, I think it depends on the person. I've got both Hard copy photos and digital ones. Some of the hardcopy ones I have are ones that I took on a film camera a few years back and most of those are in my scrapbooks...

I think it depends on the situation, it's one of those things where each day you'd probably answer differently. There is so much stuff I have and value, that I'd rather just run and leave it all instead of trying to figure out what to take.

Though if I had to chose, right now I'd probably take my camera and my scrabooks. I'm not really sure what else I'd grab

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Re: Burning House

@dilz & @Bee - I agree, it does depend. I actually think hardcopy feel real. My family have a huge pile of photos which we havnt scanned but they are completely irreplacable. I tend to forget about them sometimes but they are so very important. Smiley Happy

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Re: Burning House

I would probably take...

- the notebook a bought from Cavalia

- my laptop (HP not mac)

- as many books as I can carry

this is assuming all my family and pets are out of the house of course.


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Re: Burning House

First two are easy choices for me. My wallet and my pet dog. But the third one is hard- probably just going to be a pair of shoes that I'm really fond of.

Re: Burning House

i always have my phone and wallet nearby even when i'm sleeping so probably those two.

for a third item nothing comes to mind immediately but i guess after some thought i'd say my laptop. there's a lot of personal stuff along with lots of other important stuff i'd say i can't afford to lose.

i hope my house never burns down, this is something i'd never like to find out!

Re: Burning House

I'd grab:

  • My bible
  • My journal
  • My photos