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CATS! Cats Cats!

So if you're anything like me you loooove some furry kitty love!

cat massaging GIF


And I realised tonight we don't have a cat thread, so now we do!

A place to share ALLL THINGS CAT! And talk about our furry loving cat friends!


star wars cats GIF

I shall defeat you Kitty!


You're welcome <3


We reflected on the joys of 2019

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: CATS! Cats Cats!

Yes. Yes. We finally get to talk about humankind's best friend. I love my cats and my cats love me. All nine of them

Re: CATS! Cats Cats!

@Bee @Zeldasmile @lokifish Funny this thread should come up now, because my sister recently got a cat, and it’s name is Loki! Such a cute cat!

Re: CATS! Cats Cats!

Actually @Bee @FootyFan26, that reminds me, I’ve been meaning to ask you both how your cats are going? I’d love to see a picture!


And that goes for anyone else who has pet cats! Smiley Happy

Re: CATS! Cats Cats!

yay for cats! 

Animals are the best! Heart



I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here

Re: CATS! Cats Cats!


@mrmusic ah that is awesome a cat named Loki!!! After @lokifish we can only assume Smiley Tongue
I've posted these 3 before, I'm just too lazy to find new ones Smiley Tongue haha


@gina-RO I LOOOOOVE that GIF!!!!! Smiley Very Happy <3


We reflected on the joys of 2019

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: CATS! Cats Cats!



(Provided it doesn't try and eat me - I am a fish, after all Smiley Surprised)

No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: CATS! Cats Cats!

@lokifish I’d say Loki wouldn’t eat you - it would probably be too scared you would do the same. Smiley Surprised


Loki is a VERY shy cat, but exceptionally cute cat! Smiley Happy

Re: CATS! Cats Cats!


These are my 2 babies Smiley Happy Maddy is the calico who is super small despite being 11 years old and still gets confused as a kitten, she is the families cat but my sister has taken ownership of her. We adopted her when she was two from the local cat shelter and she is a bit of a ninja cat who likes to think she owns the house. She counts us all in at night and I have been judged at times by her for returning home at 10.30pm at night on a Saturday.

Paprika or Rikki as he more often called is the ginger cat who I adopted when he was 6 months old almost 4 years ago, he is the biggest sook with me but a scaredy cat for everyone else. I saw his photo online on the cat shelters website and I knew he was mine even before I met him. He is bonded to me which is really nice and will come when I call him (anyone else he ignores), he also seeks me out and waits for me to return home sometimes. 

Yes the photo is him on the dining room table and he shouldn't be on it but he likes to break the rules a bit (he also likes to help me study which is why my tafe folders have teeth marks on them). 

I find having cats helps with my anxiety and even on really tough days I know Rikki will be there wanting hugs and providing a much needed support. I know that some people say cats are anti social but I think they are loyal to the people they live with and use all their energy taking care of them so anyone else is a distraction. 


Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: CATS! Cats Cats!

CATS !!!!!

Cats are so good. I can't wait until I can adopt a cat. 


ALSO: KITTENS. When they explore and play and climb around? The best HeartHeartHeart