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Re: CATS! Cats Cats!

I really like cats too, I have a male cat but I don't know what type. All I know is he is black and very playful Smiley Happy

Re: CATS! Cats Cats!

Yay for cats @ILikeCats22! Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy


And also welcome to the forums! Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy

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(welcome welcome welcome! Smiley Very Happy)

Re: CATS! Cats Cats!

Okay so apparently there's a Netflix show called The Lion in Your Living Room all about cats and I am SO keen to watch it!!

Has anyone seen it? @Bee @ILikeCats22? Smiley Happy

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Re: CATS! Cats Cats!

Thanks for sharing @letitgo I would love to watch! 


My little living room lion has been so naughty lately, just constantly biting and attacking you. You'll be having a nice pat that he asked for then hes got your whole finger in his mouth ripping your skin off, does anyone have any tips on managing kitty behaviour like this? I would appreciate it! 



Re: CATS! Cats Cats!

@letitgo I need to see that sometime! I even love the name of it. Smiley Happy



And @lennycat2017 mine does that too sometimes... she's a horrible little cat but I love her, even when she decides that the way I'm breathing is reason enough to attack.. 


When she gets overwhelmed with any feeling (including happiness) she'll go into attack-mode...

I now know when I'm patting her to look for the signs that she needs some calm-down time, including very dilated pupils, putting her ears back slightly even though she's purring loudly, shoving her whiskers forwards, her claws going into the carpet and rolling around/ changing position often, and honestly also the general sense of insanity she occasionally creates...

Also keep a careful eye out for sudden neck/ paw movements, because sometimes that extra millisecond can be enough to save your finger from lion attacks...


If you miss those signs, I'd suggest extracting your finger from his mouth (or his claws from your arm if he's anything like my kitty...) with as little fuss as possible, moving away and then ignoring him until he's calmed down.

You could also try to redirect his chewing onto a large-ish kitty toy that he can attack as much as he wants.


Good luck with him! Cat Happy

Re: CATS! Cats Cats!

[N] Apparently when I was very little, when we had four dogs and I was learning about animals, I’d point to them and say (keep in mind they all looked very similar), “Dog, Dog, Dog, Cat!”


That one dog was the only cat I’ve ever had.

Re: CATS! Cats Cats!

hey everybody!

I have a cat and her name is Miss Pretty Kitty - we call her Pretty. She is a 3 year old long haired chinchilla, and she always seems to get into mischief around the house!

Re: CATS! Cats Cats!

@letitgo no I haven't heard of it, but I am sure going to watch it now!!!

as @lennycat2017 said the name is so great!
Also Lennycat2017, as @Tony_leaf was saying extracting your hand with little fuss should help, also providing them with toys they can play with. Even playing with them with said toys. I know for my cats they don't tend to bite much because we play with them with things they can bite, so either my hand is under the blankets or wrapped in something they can bite and they enjoy it Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: CATS! Cats Cats!

@Bee @lennycat2017
I used to use a sock for wrapping my hand for my kitty to bite. Unfortunately she seems to be a lion and can get her teeth and claws through it very easily, but it worked when she was a bit smaller and a bit less determined to kill the sock...

Re: CATS! Cats Cats!

@Tiny_leaf  oh dear Smiley LOL

Maybe you need a thicker sock!



Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart