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Re: Camping

A couple of months ago i went camping out in a forest about 10km from the nearest other human. We 4WD'd our way in there and camped by a big beautiful river for a couple of nights. It was great and we caught lots of tasty food and had an awesome time. Then Sunday came around and it was time to head home so i could be back in time to hang out with you folks the next day.


We got back in the truck to cross the river we were camping by and got stuck in the middle of it! My friend hadn't brought his recovery kit (winch and stuff) so we couldn't pull it out.


So we walked allll the way out to the nearest farm (10km) and got a lift into the nearest town (50km away), hired a car and drove allll the way back in with a winch and some shovels, spent a whole day digging and winching then drove back out again.  I got back just in time for that night's GR session Smiley Tongue


Re: Camping

Aww, thanks guys! I did have loads of fun, and have now decided that I'm going to go live in the wilderness. Maybe.


Those are some pretty great stories, I enjoyed reading them a lot, thanks for sharing Smiley Very Happy


I discovered a lot on the camp, like I think I'm an organised person? What? Me? Or maybe everyone else was just super unorganised (one guy managed to lose a whole camping stove Smiley Tongue) We did a lot of hiking, and climbed a lot of hills, which was brutal but envigorating. Last night we slept out under the stars, and woke up covered in dew and creepy crawlies.


It was pretty great Smiley Happy

Re: Camping

That's great @roseisnotaplant Smiley Happy Glad you had a good time! Smiley Very Happy Are you going to plan another trip sometime soon? Smiley Happy


Re: Camping

I love camping, during the summer some of my mates and I go to this place called Lake Charlegrark, it's near the border of South Australia and Victoria. It's beautiful and not too busy either!
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Re: Camping

I hope so @Bay52VU! Maybe during summer, if I can rope some of my friends into it...

Re: Camping

@roseisnotaplant welcome back! Very glad to hear you had such an enjoyable time! 

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