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Candy Crush Saga!!!

Hey guys,


Who here needs to join "Candy Crush Saga Anonymous"?? Who else is madly addicted to this game!?


What level are you up to and how frustrated are you at it!? What's your fave power up?


If you have no idea what I'm talking about... Go to facebook and search for Candy Crush Saga - click play and prepare to get addicted!!! 


Re: Candy Crush Saga!!!

Hey MM,

I first started about a week or so ago, played too many levels in one day... haha

I am tots stuck at level 29, played it a gazillion times now, fail each time, there is always one jelly I cannot remove! And I run out of moves. So annoyed with it, yet I helped a friend pass higher levels whaaat!? haha
I haven't used many powers up and have none, so I can't answer that one! ha

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Re: Candy Crush Saga!!!

Why am I the only person I know who's not addicted to this game? Smiley Tongue

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Re: Candy Crush Saga!!!

@lokifish - I have never played this game so I have no idea what people are taking about with this Smiley Happy I think I am a bit behind atm Smiley Happy

Re: Candy Crush Saga!!!

Get into it guys!! It's heaps of fun although can be very frustrating!!!

Bee; I'm on level 103... Been stuck for a while and it's driving me nuts! I started playing ages ago then lost interest for a while and am now back to being addicted lol. Pretty much every time, I also have the problem with ONE jelly!! So frustrating.
By power ups, I mean like the striped candy or the one you get when you connect 5 of the same colour.

Re: Candy Crush Saga!!!

My little conspiracy theory is that you have to play each level a certain number of times before they'll let you pass it!




Perhaps they make more money selling boosters. Perhaps their agenda is to drive people to frustration.


I guess only the Candy Crush Saga God really knows the answer.

Re: Candy Crush Saga!!!

Haha oh yes.

I downloaded it ages ago and was madly addicted for a few weeks before I realised I'd turned mega antisocial; glued to my phone all the time. So I deleted it. Life saved.

Re: Candy Crush Saga!!!

Ive been stuck on level 65 for more than two months!

Re: Candy Crush Saga!!!

endommage, 65 sucks!!! I got so frustrated with that level.

Atma, I completely agree... Sometimes after trying at a level, I go on and it pretty much solves it for me!!! I don't have to do anything but make a couple of really obvious moves to pass it. But it's generally only after I've been stuck for AGES!! I definitely think it's a conspiracy.

Georgie, hahaha. I'm addicted but not too severely addicted... I do get annoyed having to wait 2.5 hours to get 5 lives back though.

I'm now on level 105 and have wanted to throw my phone and computer out the window a few times. Smiley Tongue

Re: Candy Crush Saga!!!

@MM; damn! I'm not where close haha! I passed 29, but then got stuck at 33, now I'm stuck at 35!
Ohh those, I love the striped candy, I always can connect them, and the 5candy one is ok, but it doesn't really help me achieve much...

@Atma; I totally agree with your conspiracy theory!!! You've got to play certain levels heaps of time to pass them... I was so excited when I passed 33 just before, my brother was like WTF? hahaha! I was like "YEEESSSS" in a rather loud voice! Smiley Tongue

MM: Don't throw your phone/computer out the window, because then you'll have to jump out the window in chase mode Smiley Tongue haha

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart