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Re: Chit Chat

@SomeoneNADJS I hope you enjoyed your holiday to Melbourne. Hope the flight/car ride was good. I live in Melbourne there so many awesome things to do here.


What was you're fave memory highlight

Re: Chit Chat

@Tiny_leaf welcome to Melbourne it seems like its the destination of choice in this group. I live here and it's an awesome place all year around.


What have you got planned for you're time here

Re: Chit Chat

@Tiny_leaf  the aquarium is good but it os expensive for admission it will take a few hours to get through it all

Re: Chit Chat

@Brendos94 I'm actually in the mountains just west of Melbourne rn, so at the moment I'm just trying to figure out a way of skiing that won't make my legs give way.

I was able to do one run, but after that my legs were not pleased with me at all so I had to go back.. Smiley Frustrated

Still, it was worth it!


I'll be back in Melbourne after before going home though, so probably visiting the aquarium and seeing my aunt.

And I think the museum as well..? I'm not 100% sure yet...


But I really like Melbourne, it feels really  nice even though it's a big city.

Plus there's a weird number of vegetarian restaurants, so I'm not confined to eating just potato chips.

Re: Chit Chat

@Tiny_leaf Melbourne Museum is awesome lots of things to see and do also being school holidays I'm not sure how busy it will be.


What else would you like to do while you're here. Also if you need any tranport tips and how to get around ask away

Re: Chit Chat

yeah @Brendos94 having a really hard time atm so havent been online as much
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Chit Chat

[N] @Tiny_leaf Yeah, I even saw one of the scammers leaving. She was with another one of them, and she’d picked up all of her stuff and glanced backwards, saw me (we were waiting to cross the road), and then quickly turned her head back and left. I don’t think I was too hard to miss because I walked around the whole city with a pair of aviator sunglasses buried in that bird’s nest on top of my head.


J wanted to go to the aquarium at one point, but that was on our last day as we were about to head back to the hotel to rest. So, we didn’t end up going.


Coordinating control is still something we’re working out. In the past we’ve been using symbolism of a coloured energy replacing mine in order to help whoever it is trying to control do so without my interference, yet I’m very good at taking over unintentionally. However, after we found a post on another forum by someone in another system, it’s starting to get a bit easier. Basically what’s been happening is that the others haven’t been treating the body as something they can naturally move like I can. It’s helping, but it’s still something we’re working on. Hopefully with the change in mindset we’ll get a little better at swapping over.

Re: Chit Chat

[N] @Brendos94 Thanks. Flights on both ways got delayed by an hour each because of the fog in Sydney (annoyingly). My highlight would probably be getting to meet some relatives on our mother’s side (she, her sisters, and her parents moved from Melbourne when she was 9) and I got to share some of the fun moments with the others here.


[A] I liked being able to watch a bit of Captain Marvel on the plane on the way down. Although I did go inactive most of the time, so N was the only one watching for most of it, and they only saw the first hour of it. I think I have a new favourite Marvel movie (so far).


[D] I wasn’t awake much on the trip. I was a few times each day briefly, but I think my favourite memory would be wandering around the arcades in the city. There were a few nice cafes (sadly N’s old favourite, Cafe Duomo, disappeared from one of the arcades), and I can still remember the banana bread being nice.


[J] I liked seeing where our mother, her family, and her friends used to live. Our grandfather built one of the houses outside the city, but I can’t remember the street name. All of these years later, some of them are still there (one or two have gone over those few decades).


[S] Wandering around the city was pretty nice, except for the cigarette smoke and the scammers. One time we got to meet one of our mother’s cousins who used to work in TV for one of the major studios. He also knew a few people from the cast of The Castle and the next-door neighbour Jack’s actor used to be his old boss.


[T] I can’t decide on my highlight. I loved going down there, and we might go down there again in January. I’d love that! Smiley Very Happy There’s so many good things down there!

Re: Chit Chat

@SomeoneNADJS @Tiny_leaf @Brendos94 I'll be going to Melbourne later this year for a conference. Hopefully I'll get to see some of the sights down there. Smiley Happy

Re: Chit Chat

@SomeoneNADJS that sounds really frustrating... 


It's really good that you're able to find a community online of others with similar experiences, that must make it so much easier than trying to figure it all out yourselves.


Also I love that movie!!! I was watching yesterday actually, Jack's really nice. Farouk's probably my favorite character though.

Do any of you have a favorite part? Mine'd have to be Darrel going on about the serenity.