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Christmas and Summer Fun

Well..... I guess the title speaks for itself. XD


I'm 17 years old and a fanatical gamer. And with Christmas and then the Summer holidays (yay) coming up, 

I'm curious as to what we are all gonna get to in the holidays, OR what we dream to recieve for christmas. >XD


So..... I wish for a teddy (didn't expect that, did ya?)

Re: Christmas and Summer Fun

Nothing like a good teddy! Smiley Happy

I have to admit I already have most of the things I could reasonably ask for. I have a job I love, friends I care about, and a lifestyle that always keeps things interesting.

I don't own a lot of things (only about 65 at last count!) and tend to prefer it to stay that way. I think if I wanted anything it might be this really sweet bag I've always lusted after (but could never afford!).


As for what I'll do… well, I don't live anywhere near my family, so I'm going to be getting together with other "orphan" friends of mine and we're going to have our own Christmas!


Other than that, I think I might dedicate a bit of time to gaming too. Been really keen to give Borderlands 2 a go!

Re: Christmas and Summer Fun

I'm a bit of the same as you there Apothecary, 17 and a gamer but that's not what I want to do these holidays. I want to spend time with my friends as I have been battling my depression and winning and I want to spend some time with friends.

I am also looking forward to going back to school because I am missing how busy it kept me. It's only been 2 days since I got off school and I'm already missing it Smiley Sad.

As what I want for Christmas, I'd just like a punching bag to put up somewhere so I can keep practicing boxing while we are on our Christmas break (A month! Urgh!).

Re: Christmas and Summer Fun

Great post Apothecary !

I'm only just starting to feel the Christmas/holiday feeling...i don't know why...for some reason it still feels like October to me.


Anyway I don't have much planned for this holidays, but that's how I like to spend my time off anyway. I find the rest of the year is so hectic and stressful so I like to just chill out at home with my family and go out with friends when I have some time off.


I already know a few of my Christmas presents (my sis is not very good at hiding things Smiley Happy ) so I know I'm getting some concert tix. Yay!!! Don't worry I've been practicing my surprised face Smiley Surprised

Re: Christmas and Summer Fun

Relax and sleep is my summer Smiley Happy and I would love to  just be with my family, I'm not fussed about presents. 

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Re: Christmas and Summer Fun

My summer is gonna be an odd one, spent in a winter wonderland! Smiley Very Happy
My family moved to Australia, from Europe 3 years ago, and I've never really got used to the idea of a summery christmas, it doesn't fit into my head.... The christmas I grew up to love is not real without snow and extreme cold...

I'm so glad we are finally going home for a white christmas, and a nice winter holiday with all my old friends!! Smiley Happy 10 days till I can faceplant in the snow!!! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Christmas and Summer Fun

@Sofia that sounds awesome! I've always dreamed of experiencing a white Christmas - it'll come true someday Smiley Tongue


My Dad has annual leave in January for the first time in 7 or 8 years so we're using it as an opportunity to go on a bit of a 'roadtrip' to South Australia, which I'm looking forward to as we'll be catching up with family & friends who live over that way (also looking forward to getting my driving hours up - I'm on my L's)


Other than that, I have a lot of holiday homework to complete! Smiley Sad But I'll mostly just be trying to relax and get a lot of summer reading done Smiley Happy

As for what I want for Christmas, I know my parents have bought me a new iPod, and I've figured out a couple of other things I'm getting (my family aren't great at hiding presents either)

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Re: Christmas and Summer Fun

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth... no seriously!


I just want to spend some time with my family but I also want a sport car... no a rat... no an iPhone. In all seriousness I don't really want anything but am always grateful for what I do get!


Happy christmas everyone! Happy holidays everyone else!

Re: Christmas and Summer Fun

Haven't had a chance to try out Borderlands 2 yet but I'm currently addicted to FTL (Steam sales have greatly increased my backlog, once again).

Re: Christmas and Summer Fun

I realised I don't really want tanglible presents because I have to find places to put them Smiley Happy

When i was a child, I hated food given as presents, but now I found how practical food-as-presents can be. First they are usually small so you don't need a big place to put them and second, they are likely to be eaten so they have a better use than say a scarf as a present in an Australian Christmas.  


I think for many the hype of Christmas is the preparation of the Christmas dinner. My family don't make a big fuss, we got together and played cards instead. Then the hype of post-Christmas is the Boxing Day sale. My family just headed over to Lunar Park in Sydney. My sister smacked her head on a ride and got an "egg" as a result. But we had so much laughs giving that "egg" names like 'My scramble egg hurts' or 'My chicken egg is so obvious people are looking at me funny' Then Boxing Day ended with a Dr Who Christmas Special. It was all good Smiley Happy