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Re: Cool Indigenous stuff

@Saltwaterdreamtime wow that sounds so cool!!! 

What kind of things do you print?? 

Could you share some of it with us? You could probably post it in this thread as well as the art thread over here

Smiley Happy Smiley Happy 


Re: Cool Indigenous stuff

Pictures of things from my trips to see my family @gina-RO I did one with a dog looking at the moon, and one that tells a dreamtime story I might share them but they are also something I just like having for myself.

Re: Cool Indigenous stuff

Sounds incredible @Saltwaterdreamtime

No need to share anything if they are just for you - art can be a very personal thing, and I understand the need to keep some things for yourself. Heart

Really cool to hear about what you're doing 

Re: Cool Indigenous stuff

they are special to me @gina-RO

Re: Cool Indigenous stuff

Spotted at Point Addis this morning

I don’t encourage defacing property that isn’t yours but this is something I can live with.