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Cool Music to Listen to

Hey everyone!

So recently I've been noticing how great and therapeutic music is, especially when I'm feeling a bit anxious and need a good distraction to chill me out. So I've been thinking, what artists & albums does everyone else love to listen to when they need some chill time? I'd love to expand my music library with some sweet tunes Smiley Wink

My current absolute obsession:

Glass Animals! Zaba & the quirky, How to Be a Human Being

Re: Cool Music to Listen to

I've been listening to this guy called Lewis Watson recently. It's pretty chill acoustic stuff Smiley Happy

Re: Cool Music to Listen to

Good thread, will check out all of those artists! Anything by Helios and Hammock relaxes me Smiley Happy

Re: Cool Music to Listen to

I agree with you @Alicat - music can be sooo therapeutic!


Lately I've been loving an artist called Bearcat, particularly her song I Am Me

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Cool Music to Listen to

@Alicat You are so right about the therapeutic qualities of music. My stereo broke about 2 months ago and I finally bought a replacement last week. I didnt realise how much I missed music..


I realise the post says cool music to listen to so Im just going to come straight out and say my taste in music isnt that cool but I like it.


So we have

Janis Joplin- song- Me and Bobby MGee & Mercedes Benz

Rob Zombie- California & Feels So Numb

Alanis Morrissette- Im Not The Doctor & Ironic

The Offspring- Get a Job


As you can see my taste is varied lol

Re: Cool Music to Listen to

@roseisnotaplant I quite like acoustic so I may have to google Lewis Watson and check him out

Re: Cool Music to Listen to

@roseisnotaplant @Orchid My god, where have you two been? I thought I was the only one left who still liked stripped back acoustics- like all the other acoustic music fans had up and left while I sleeping in and left me with all the young whippersnappers and their newfangled dubstep.


Anyway, if acoustics are what you're into, you can't really go wrong with some Daniela Andrade. Her stuff is quite simply magical. Case in point:



Her more recent original videos tend to be slightly more produced, but they still have a stripped-back quality where the vocals shine without being overly obscured by the bass line. It's breathtaking stuff, honestly. And my god, the cinematography on her latest EP is just absolutely to die for. We're talking "eat your heart out, Alfonso Cuaron/Emmanuel Lubezki" levels of quality here. Don't believe me? Here:



Honourable mentions of good tunes for acoustic lovers:

Billy Boyd: The Last Goodbye

Christy Moore: Black is the Colour (Folk/Country lovers, this is for you)

Wagakki Band: Nichirou Chouchou  (for those who don't mind songs in other languages. Also note that the rest of Wagakki's stuff is VERY different to this. Doesn't stop them from being awesome though)



I'll add more stuff later, but as far as personal recommendations go, I would also give Laura Ellis a shot, particularly if you like vaguely Jazz-y music. Exhibit A: 

Re: Cool Music to Listen to

@Asche The strings in the first video you posted though Heart


(young whippersnappers and their newfangled dubstep Smiley LOL)

Re: Cool Music to Listen to

@Asche Wow Daniela Andrade's music is mesmerising! She is amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing Smiley Happy

Re: Cool Music to Listen to

@Alicat I love using music to improve or change my mood. And ever since a friend mentioned it to me, I've started listening to movie soundtracks (like James Bond) while I study. SO helpful.


Music I love to get me back in the groove:


Grimes - Oblivion



Miike Snow - Genghis Khan