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Re: Creative writing and poetry

Thank you so much for creating this thread, @Creativegirl12! I agree that writing can be very therapeutic and I use it in this way quite often.

Thank you for sharing your poem with us! I love the idea of the banana smiling back at you.

Do you write stories as well, or do you prefer to stick to poetry?

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Creative writing and poetry

@DruidChild I really love your work! So very raw and honest. Thank you for sharing!

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Creative writing and poetry

I took part in a poetry course recently, and one of the prompts was to imagine a world where we used a different currency, rather than money. I chose hope/happiness.


For Richer and For Poorer


One person’s sorrow is another person’s bliss

Or, in this world, my deficit becomes someone else’s surplus

We are trying to spread hope to cure the disease of our fear, a contagion that has existed longer than us – is the thing with feathers strong enough for that, Emily?

We shall see.


 “I’m poor today” I text you, because it is easier than saying “I feel alone.”

“I am rich,” I remind myself, as plates smash and doors slam and the broken record of my mother’s depression becomes the soundtrack of my childhood.

she lives in poverty and sometimes, so do I


When the debt collectors come knocking,

She gives them what she has:

The day I was born, three months early and unlikely to survive, laden with her guilt

The day her father died, filled with her relief


Thankfully, the economy relies on more than our fickle, fragile hearts

The stock market plummets when Donald Trump is elected.

It soars on Christmas, stabilises on Valentine’s Day


When I worked my first public holiday, my boss described his wedding day as the greatest of his life and I wonder about the way we value romance -

is this beating heart not enough until it moves in harmony with another?

is prosperity a privilege reserved for the ones in relationships?

I don’t think so.


In this world, we are as rich as we choose to be

“I choose wealth,” I say,

But you can read between my lines, you hear the aching truth beneath

“I choose life.”

For richer and for poorer, for better and for worse.


// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Creative writing and poetry

@letitgo Holy crud, what an amazing choice! That was absolutely incredible?? And so intriguing, wow. I'm so interested in what that world would be like, whether or not each person has endless capacity to produce 'currency' - you even tackled the whole 'would a relationship really mean happiness' conundrum. Geez. I'm legitimately blown away right now, I hope you continue to write more. Smiley Happy


Re: Creative writing and poetry

I haven't been on for a while, @DruidChild you're an amazing writer Smiley Happy

@letigo. I really love your work too. I've been trying to finish a novel, it's taking a long time, I do find poems easier to finish. But I hope to publish a novel in the future.

Re: Creative writing and poetry

Thank you @Creativegirl12! You're writing a novel?! That's so cool, what's it about? Smiley Happy



Re: Creative writing and poetry



to me

0 minutes ago

she - 
Flicker fingers
I say, lilt.
Say, memory.
Say, heart.
empty heavy breaking
(Do you believe in soul mates?)
Wicker fingers
I say, fire.
Say, water.
Say, wind.
fight freeze flee
(Star chosen and heart caught, perfect made tactile)
Clicker fingers
I say, clip.
Say, clap.
Say, cliff.
the beginning the middle the end
(Let me ask you another question?)
Quicker fingers
I say, scream.
Say, whisper.
Say, keen.
go down with the desperate silence of melted ice.
(Tell me, your soul mate -)
Chitter fingers
I say, no.
Say, please.
Say, stay.
nothing ever at all in the brokenness, cracking
(Please, what happens when she leaves?)


Re: Creative writing and poetry

I agree - so cool that you're writing a novel @Creativegirl12! Mind if I ask what it's about?


And thank you so much for the kind words about my poem, everyone. I really appreciate it! @Gumi Gumi Heart


@DruidChild Love the poem you posted too! Do you find pieces like that take you a long time to write, or do they flow out quite easily?

// Spiral outward, keep going. //