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Re: Creativity / Community Art

Those patterns are stunning @beagle866! Love it. 


How do you decide what patterns / glyphs to put in each shape?

Re: Creativity / Community Art



Thanks! Smiley Happy


I'm not really sure how I decide, I just do random ones, and have a set of designs (like swirls, flowers etc.) that I usually do in my head, so I kind of do certain ones automatically. I don't really think about it, I just listen to music and let my hand do the work!

Re: Creativity / Community Art

Thanks @nyke and @DruidChild! It's the first thing I've really drawn in awhile.
Also I love your painting @DruidChild!

So pretty @beagle866!!

Re: Creativity / Community Art


I'll have to connect my phone to the internet, and post some pictures of my most recent art pieces...
They aren't bad, but they aren't fancy ones like the anime/manga characters @N1ghtW1ng and other users can draw!

Loving seeing everybody's art!

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Re: Creativity / Community Art

I have a couple of my favourite pieces I'd like to share with you all! 

I haven't drawn in ages (since October, ahhh!) (though I did do a little drawing the other day...) (anyway)


This one smudged *cries* but it's still too cute not to share. 

Happy Pix.jpg


And for this next one, I really like how the fire turned out with my pencils (it looks better in real life) plus the pencil shading on my markers. (I didn't do any shading then added yellow pencil over him and it made nice lighting so woo for depth I guess Smiley Tongue)

Fire Kai.jpg\


Has anyone else created anything recently? 

Re: Creativity / Community Art

Oh yes @N1ghtW1ng!
I haven’t really done any drawing lately, but I have made this diarama of my prototype of a food truck.

67E48F55-2131-4420-BAC2-6B2553375C00.jpegThe inside...185CC7AB-DBBC-4798-990E-EB6674CAF83B.jpegDoor closed...FDDBD154-13A6-41BD-8315-52BE4A80D231.jpegBack door...E119C467-8458-43DD-8EC1-ABB1D90C634B.jpegSide without a window...


It’s my business called Stackadessert! Not literally, but it was an assignment I just finished. It took me 3 hours to make, normally it would take 2 days. I’m proud of this!


here is some online art I did, meaning I did this electronically. I love editing stuff like this!000716BF-1CCD-49D8-AFC3-DE037AE7A1BB.jpegWhat I would literally wear if I made it or bought it...93E877E2-099B-43F3-8F19-8375EFBD91D8.jpegMy soul....56BC4D5D-052F-47C6-B82C-0536BAE2E109.jpeg53157B10-BAB8-42D8-9898-918C6DF7FD2D.jpeg3424306F-4516-4388-91AA-FBE367D31F76.pngMost people’s depression.... and mine...