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Customize my headphones!

After 3 years of faithful service, my headphones have finally died on me (you will be missed, old friend).

So I'm getting a new pair! (Because I can't live without my music, and as an introvert, a good pair of headphones are just too handy not to have when it comes to escaping unwanted social attention.)


I'm currently planning on grabbing a set of VMODA m100s, and the cool thing is that VMODA actually allows you to customize the outer plate of the headphones for free! Awesome! Only...I have little to no idea of what to put on them. Crap.


Which is where all you lovely people come in! What do you think I should put on my headphones? I'm hoping to give it a little bit of a mental health theme, because I'm all about mental health.


Note that I'm not a graphics designer, so something that's can be drawn photoshop would be ideal- like a few simple lines of text, for instance. (No more than 40 or so words though- you want the text to be legible, and if you go over 40, the size of the font you would have to use to get all the text to fit on the headphone plate would render it more or less invisible.)


Image below to give you an idea of what the headphones will look like. (AIRA logo not my own, but you get the idea.)


vmoda m100 wireless


Re: Customize my headphones!

@Asche to commerate RO, they should be blue Smiley Tongue
Are these good headphones? I've been looking for a good pair of headphones lately too, since mine sort of died awhile ago.
As for what to put on them, what are some things that you absolutely love? Maybe you could have a picture of a favourite character. Or a rainbow Smiley Tongue

Re: Customize my headphones!

@Asche I agree with @N1ghtW1ng - blue seems like the ideal colour, haha


Do you have a particular quote that you like? Or maybe two quotes, one for each side?

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Customize my headphones!

Awesome idea for a thread @Asche Smiley Happy Those look like some pretty sweet headphones.

I tried to think of what you might like, and... made this thingy from the first idea I had Smiley Tongue

Gotta say it was really fun to make haha Smiley LOL (though it looked better on my piece of paper than after stuffing around in gimp for aaages but it was a good/fun process so I'm not even mad Smiley Tongue)




Re: Customize my headphones!

Oooh, nice design @Bay52VU!

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Customize my headphones!

Sorry about the lack of response guys, it's been a busy week with uni wrapping up and assignments flooding in ==".


But damn, @Bay52VU that's really sleek! I see someone's been reading my favorite quotes Smiley Tongue. It might be a bit tricky to pull off though, since VMODA only engraves its designs in white. I'll have to feed it through Photoshop and see if I can't work a little magic to get it to work, but we'll see how it goes Smiley Happy


@N1ghtW1ng: Any judgement on a headphone's quality is ultimately going to be a little subjective, since how they actually sound are dependent on so many different factors, ranging from the compression of the music file you're playing (128kbps vs. 320kbps vs. FLAC, etc.) to where you're playing it from (an old phone with a weak output vs. a full decked out, amped-up DJ set), as well as your personal taste


That said, I would say that the m100s are one of the best upper-consumer-grade headphones available on the market, in terms of both sound and value for money. I won't go much into the sound since this is ultimately going to depend on what you like in your headphones- the m100s have a bit of extra bass to them that might put off people who prefer a completely neutral sound signature, but it's certainly not overwhelming- you can definitely still hear the mids and trebles. They sound…warm, and kind of chocolatey. It's a little hard for me to describe, considering that I'm not actually that much of an audiophile- you'll be able to find much better accounts of their sound by googling a couple of reviews from sites like techradar, innerfidelity or CNET.


Value-wise, it's a bit easier to talk about. These things are built like a goddamned tank. Almost everything on the headphones are metal, minus the wingplates. VMODA's site advertises them as being "military grade-tested", and having owned a pair before (my old headphones were actually also a pair of wired m100s. I'm planning on upgrading to the new wireless versions), I believe them- given my tendency to treat possessions harshly- I wore my old pair out in the rain, dropped them every  5 minutes, shoved them in bags without their case, etc. After 3 years, the only thing that had actually worn out was one of the plastic wing plates - the main headband was fine, and the speakers still sounded great. The only reason why I'm replacing them at all is because the wingplate was keeping the left headphone cup from falling away from the headband, so it'd fall out when my head wasn't there to put pressure between the cup and the headband, and it was starting to be a chore to have to fix it every time I put them in my bag. The other thing to keep in mind is that they also have detachable wires (wires are usually the first thing to go in headphones), so if they ever do break, you can just replace them with a cheap replacement from JB Hifi or wherever.


The real kicker though, is that even  if you DO manage to break these things, VMODA covers the m100s under its Immortal Life program, so that if you break the headphones after the complimentary 2 year warranty is up, you can just send them your broken headphones (at any time) and they'll give you back 50% of what you paid as store credit for another pair. Given that the m100s cost ~300, this means that you'll be saving around ~150 on your second pair of VMODA headphones should you ever break your first pair. It kind of locks you into brand loyalty, but given the quality of their products and value they're offering to their customers, I have no problems sticking by VMODA.

Re: Customize my headphones!

Thanks @Asche Smiley Happy You definitely have to show us the design you've chosen though, I hope they turn out like you want them Smiley Happy