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Re: DIY-ing

@Bre-RO definitely - it's possibly my favorite part of the whole thing honestly.

Plus I'm too impatient to order them online, and a lot of them are poor quality and designed by people who don't actually stim themselves.

The inspiration my hedgehog was a pretty ugly $30 soft toy from a US company that specializes in therapeutic products like sensory toys. I just kinda went: "I could literally make a better one myself" and so I did Smiley Tongue 

Re: DIY-ing

@dog_lover94 crafty stuff is definitely a strength of mine. I assume I got them in place of any sort sporting talent Smiley Tongue

Plus braiding.. I can't wrap my head around that for some weird reason...

Re: DIY-ing

@Tasi because I made mine from a cracked marble, it's also sparkly!!! I'm pretty happy with it, though I got stabbed by the wire a few times while making it..


My next thing's going to be knee pads, I just need to find a tough enough material for the weight bearing part.. it turns out that ballistic nylon is pretty expensive, even on ebay...

Oh, though I'd like to see if I can make a kind of "sole" for it out of palm fronds. Weaving it's fairly hard though, I have no experience at all. Also palm trees are spiky...


Re: DIY-ing

@Tiny_leaf I love that you recognised that you could do something better so you just went ahead and did it! 

Re: DIY-ing

@Tiny_leaf this is so cool! I love the phone case, I'm keen to see how it turned out once finished!
My last DIY Was a Christmas tree last year out of wire and beads, man it took forever! But it stands proudly on my desk still Smiley Tongue It was pretty fun to make too!


Here are the photos I uploaded somewhere on the forums when I finished it Smiley Happy



I have experimented a little with polymer clay too. But found the baking step the hardest to actually do, not that it's tricky or anything lol

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Re: DIY-ing

@Tiny_leaf  I love these projects! You're so creative!

I love making things out of household or recycled materials. I remember making a mini chest of drawers out of cardboard and felt to store stationary and bits and pieces in. I also decorated a box with bits of shredded newspaper, paint, buttons, stickers and felt.

I haven't done a DIY project in a while. Do you know any good sites with projects and instructions?

Re: DIY-ing

You're all so creative! I tend to like to DIY things out of found objects. I often spray paint or rework things I find off the side of the road. Most of my furniture is from hard rubbish collection. I also like to make macrame planters out of string!
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Re: DIY-ing

Wow! all these ideas are so cool and I will be coming back to this thread on a rainy day!


@Tiny_leaf are the knee pads for a particular sport you do??

Re: DIY-ing

@Bee oh my gosh it's beautiful!!!

I love polymer clay - I know what you mean about the baking it though. Ovens are weird.

Re: DIY-ing

@WheresMySquishy thanks! Smiley Happy


Hmm.. has some good (and really cool looking) ideas. Wikihow has a few as well.


The Art of Manliness has a few good practical ones (especially to do with leatherwork, and similar "manly" crafts) though as you may've guessed that website really likes its binary gender roles...


I can't remember too many others, I swear 80% of them have the word house or home in them for some reason...

If I find any others on my internet travels I'll try to put the links up though.