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Dating apps freaky stories

I’m looking for creepy stories from people who tried dating apps, Search women by ID, and other dating agencies. My younger brother just signed up to multiple apps including Tinder. We all tried to discourage him and told him he doesn’t need to resort to those to move on. The only reason he’s joining those is to find a buffer after his recent break up. Maybe if he reads those freaky stories he would sign out of those sites and focus on his college education instead.

Re: Dating apps freaky stories

Hi @RayMark31 and welcome to our Youth Forum! 

Glad you've found us!

We have some content over here about dating and dating apps that you might find helpful. And also here about getting through a breakup.



As for the dating apps  - while there may be "scary stories" out there, there are also safe ways to use these apps to meet future partners. It's very much an individual choice - an app can be a really helpful way for some people to meet partners and friends! There's just as many success stories out there as there are negative experiences.
Having said that, it's certainly not for everyone and it comes down to the individual. 

I understand that you're worried about your brother, but perhaps you could have a conversation around his safety while dating, and check in on how he's doing with his mental health? 


I noticed that it looks like you're posting from somewhere other than Australia - as we are an Australian service, we are best equipped to provide support and information for people within this country. I'll send you an email with some more information on this. 




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