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Re: Debate Club!!!!

Hey @xXLexi_Lou122Xx 


I can't really explain why I like them. I guess I just find myself wanting more. Mmmmm. I like tangy and salty things so I guess that's why? They taste so good on pizza, and in pasta, and on their own. They even taste good in beverages!


Olives are so polarizing aren't they?! I can see why they aren't for everyone...but yes I'm definitely a fan. 


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Re: Debate Club!!!!

Olives are perfect!!

I really like salty things, and when they aren't soaked too much olives have the best texture.

Re: Debate Club!!!!

I love olives especially on pizza

Re: Debate Club!!!!

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx  I love olives in pizzas, pastas, antipastos, dips and salads! Especially in Greek salads. Salty foods are some of my favourite. I think my favourite type of olives might be Kalamata olives.

There are lots of varieties of olives and some are tastier than others though.

Re: Debate Club!!!!

That's fair enough guys.

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Pencils or Pacers?

Personally, I prefer Pacers. For many reasons, but let's go with 3.

1. You don't have to sharpen them multiple times a day, and the lead doesn't break as easily. You never have to empty out the sharpener, or walk to the bin, just because it's full. All because you only need lead.
2. If the lead breaks, You just need to click the button/eraser. It's that simple.
3. They have much easier use than pencils, from being able to shade and draw easier. My drawings are much better when I use Pacers.

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