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Re: Debate Club!!!!

@Bre-RO knows what's up with pizza Smiley Tongue

Despite all this though... cheese pizza still the best.

Re: Debate Club!!!!

1000% agree @N1ghtW1ng 


Cheese pizza is the first ever pizza and the best!

Re: Debate Club!!!!


Image result for scar lion king smile


Re: Debate Club!!!!


Re: Debate Club!!!!

Nice choice of gifs you guys! @Bre-RO @N1ghtW1ng you guys have no clue what you're missing out on! My dad is the same as you guys too... Smiley Tongue

@Tiny_leaf is right to agree with me!!!!

Re: Debate Club!!!!

Okay, I think we might be even on this debate. It must be a draw. Unless we can go with the majority of the world's population.... Smiley Tongue


Next one:

Should Star Wars or Harry Potter be considered the best series of all time? 


I think Harry Potter should be, because I've never been a fan of outer space and intergalactic wormholes and stuff. Wizarding and witchcraft is the best series of all time for sure!

Re: Debate Club!!!!

Personally I much prefer Harry Potter too. It's a special interest of mine Smiley Happy I'm currently wearing a Hogwarts dress haha. It's kind of the only thing I read for the most part... It just feels like home and brings me joy so I just keep rereading it. I'm near the beginning of book 5 at the moment.


I find the magic exciting and love the friendship and the personal growth and the background characters, and the fun quirky intricacies of the world it's set in.


Although it could do so much better at representing diversity and I'm really saddened by some views that have been expressed by the author.


I'm not a sci fi fan either, and I find the older star wars movies hard to follow

Re: Debate Club!!!!

Yes! Another HP fan!
I personally don't like rereading things, or rewatching movies, but magical creatures and drama between houses and stuff is my favourite.

Not that I like drama though. I've been through enough of that as it is!