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Debate Club!!!!

Who else is a persuasive person?

I know I have my ways of manipulation! Here we will debate suggested topics, and then we will  decide which side wins.


Just gonna tag some members:

@Bananatime04 @DruidChild @Tiny_leaf @Jess1-RO @gina-RO @SomeoneNADJS @Sammyye @Andrea-RO 


Let's start with a debate between Samsung Phones, or Apple phones?

Re: Debate Club!!!!

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx I try to be.. not sure how well it works though Smiley Very Happy


Anyway; my side of the argument:


I'd say that even though Apple is a "cooler" phone, Samsungs are better overall, for two key reasons.


1. Value for money:

Apple: Has more cool features, but dies or becomes obsolete very quickly. 

Samsung: Still has a lot of cool features, and lasts longer, plus new models are released more slowly so that it's not "out of date" as quickly

This allows you to use one phone for a longer period of time, reducing costs and amount of time spent changing to a new phone, while increasing the quality and durability of Samsung's models. 


2. Attitudes in adds:

Apple: "Get this phone! It's the latest phone! Look at how sleek and modern it is! It's new, it's shiny! You need this phone."

Samsung: "Look at this phone! Look at how well it fits into your life! You'll use it heaps, plus it's really sleek!"

Apple's adds suggest that it is advertising itself as a way to keep up with other people, rather than focusing on the actual phone. All that Apple has to do for this tactic to work is to make a new phone.

Samsung however focuses on the features and strengths of their phone, meaning that for their advertising to work they have to improve their phones with each version. 

Apple has to continuously make new models, while Samsung has to make better models.

Market forces are pushing Samsung to male better products, not newer products.


Also well done Lexi, you've just gained Samsung an unofficial "advertiser".. Smiley LOL

Re: Debate Club!!!!

I completely agree with you on that one @Tiny_leaf!
Samsung's are waaay better. I have reasons of my own, but I can't type them right now.

Re: Debate Club!!!!

Interesting! While you make some great points @Tiny_leaf, I have to respectfully disagree (which is what this thread's all about Smiley Tongue)


There are more reasons to use Apple products than the fact that they look sleek. Privacy is one of them.


Samsung phones use Android as their operating system, which is owned by Google. Unlike Apple, Google don't have the world's greatest privacy policy... In fact, universities in the US have shown that Android collects 10 times as much information about you as iOS does. There's a reason Samsung and other Android phones tend to be cheaper than iPhones: to them, you are the product, not the customer.


Also, while Android phones allow for much more customisation on the user's part, this is exactly what makes them less secure than Apple products. The Google Play store is really poorly regulated (anyone can put an app on there, whereas you need approval to post on the App Store). This means that you're much more likely to come across malware and dodgy viruses. Unless you're a really tech-savvy person and know how to assess software carefully, it's not worth it IMO.

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Re: Debate Club!!!!

That's a great opinion @lokifish, but I still think Samsung's are better.

Re: Debate Club!!!!

That's a good point @lokifish Smiley Happy 

Re: Debate Club!!!!

@xXLexi_Lou122Xx should we try another debate?

Re: Debate Club!!!!

That sounds good @Tiny_leaf.
I think it's 2 against 1...
Samsung wins!

Re: Debate Club!!!!

Who has an idea for our next debate?

Re: Debate Club!!!!

Should we put more effort into exploring our oceans or into exploring space?