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Do Something Different

Have you ever noticed that you've become stuck in a bit of a rut? Things can sometimes start to be a bit monotonus, or even turn into one giant Groundhog Day...




Or maybe you've recognised a pattern where something you're doing doesn't seem to be working and perhaps it's time to try something else?


This thread is for sharing experiences of when we did something different - whether that's finding a new band to listen to, trying a new type of food, going to a new place, or starting a conversation with someone we haven't really spoken to before. Also if you want to do something different but aren't quite sure what to try, feel free to post and ask for some ideas! Smiley Happy


Re: Do Something Different

So I'll start us off with one different thing that I started a while ago (and have continued!) - riding my bike to work.

I'd noticed that the trips to/from work on the bus were a time when my brain unhelpfully started bringing up negative stuff. I was lucky enough to move work locations to a closer spot, and the two things together gave me the incentive to start riding instead of getting the bus. Thanks to "doing something different" I'm now actually finding that the trip to/from work mentally chills me out a bit and takes the focus away from negative stuff. Smiley Happy

Re: Do Something Different

I can relate to this sooooooo much!


For me, doing something different, even if it's a seemingly small thing, can make the hugest difference t my mood/self-esteem. For example, when I go to the library, I usually always park in the same spot because it's habit and I've been too nervous to try parking anywhere else. But the other day I challenged myself and parked in a different, more conveinent spot and I felt so proud of myself.


Thanks for the relatable thread @Bay52VU

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Re: Do Something Different

I signed up for swimming lessons the other week! It was really scary going for the first time but it's good for getting out of the house and looking after my body Smiley Happy

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Re: Do Something Different

That's great @letitgo yeah I've found the same thing, sometimes a little change can be really helpful.

Awesome @lokifish :d Swimming is great Smiley Happy I haven't been swimming in aaages but still remember squad training in primary school which seemed to start way too early in the morning but I got to have a poptart afterwards Smiley Tongue

Re: Do Something Different

Thanks @Bay52VU.


And nice work for going swimming @lokifish - definitely good for you, and it can be quite fun too! Do you have a preferred stroke when swimming?

I know I used to prefer freestyle and really didn't like backstroke...

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Do Something Different

This thread is a great idea!

Its amazing how changing little things in your routine make you feel so much better. For me latley its been setting an alarm, i often find that if i sleep in to late i feel unmotivated and in a negative mindset most of the day . Ive found that by setting an alarm for 9am everyday (still a decent sleep in) i am more productive and actually wake up feeling motivated. 😊

Re: Do Something Different

Wow cool thread @Bay52VU! I completely agree that trying new things is really helpful when you're stuck in a rut. 


Something (really small, but still a thing) that I did a while ago was delete all my Pinterest boards full of sad quotes and soft grunge aesthetics and replace them with a 'Future' board with lots of pretty things and info. It made a pretty big change in my thinking, actually. 


And to break my summer holiday habit of crying-and-hating-myself I'm planning a trip to the state library Smiley Happy 


That's a really good idea @Ally-Leesh-Jane! I'm glad it was able to help you Smiley Happy 

Re: Do Something Different

@Ally-Leesh-Jane I have to completely agree with you about sleeping/waking times.

I'm still very bad at this because I'll often plan my sleeping around the latest possible time I can get up, but whenever I get up earlier and do something else before going off to do the thing that I had to get up for it makes a giant difference to how I feel once I'm at that thing.

It's a lot nicer to wake up and find something on netflix for a bit, than to wake up and go through the motions to get to work.

Re: Do Something Different

Hey @Bay52VU cool thread! Sometimes it's so great to get out of your comfort zone and do new things, there's no better feeling than when you surprise yourself and realise you have and endless capacity for learning!


About two months ago I decided to cut down on all my sweets, basically, change up my diet without going on a 'diet'. I've made a lifestyle change now and I'm so proud of myself for actually doing it! I've always seen changing food habits as such a difficult thing to do but now I don't eat any refined sugar at all and have completely lost my sweet tooth. For someone who went from eating chocolate every day, I was completely stuck in my sweet cravings. I've tried all new raw treats now and found they are just as tasty as ordinary sweets, but better for me Smiley Happy


Next venture, making raw treats from scratch myself! Wish me luck