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Re: Favourite TV Shows?

@roseisnotaplant You ship Mergana too? Yay Smiley Happy They're perfect for each other. 


Also, have you seen the trailer for the new series of Sherlock? Looks pretty dramatic!


Re: Favourite TV Shows?

@DruidChild THERE'S A TRAILER FOR SHERLOCK!??!?!!!?!!? brb, off to youtube....


Re: Favourite TV Shows?


Re: Favourite TV Shows?

Not to arbitrarily plug my own photos, but I took this outside of 221B Baker Street when I was in London earlier this year!

Kind of a shame to find out they don't actually film there though.




(More than you could possibly know, Professor)




Back to the point: TV shows I've watched recently:

  • Game of Thrones (although I was planning on stopping next season. Might continue watching though, after the last finale made it clear that Winter was finally here.)
  • Black Mirror (it's dark as hell, but I love it anyway.)
  • IT Crowd (it's soooo good. Absolute riot, guaranteed.)
  • Blackadder (although mostly season 4. I was a modern history student, so I'm all over the WW1 humour.)
  • The Americans (IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED THIS, DROP EVERYTHING AND DO IT NOW. For those who don't know: The Americans is a show about a pair of soviet sleeper spies operating in Washington DC during the Cold War under Reagan's presidency. The twist? Their kids have no idea. Also, their neighbour is an FBI agent. It's absolutely fantastic if you're a history nerd like me - the characters are complex and human, and the plot is unbiased to either side. It honestly has some of the best writing I've ever seen in a TV show, trumping GoT by far. 10/10 absolutely would recommend)

Re: Favourite TV Shows?

@Asche I love black mirror! It is so underrated I reckon - such a creative/clever show

Re: Favourite TV Shows?

@Asche @May_ What's Black Mirror about? I'm always looking for new shows to watch!


I also really love The United States of Tara and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I think they both deal with mental illness to different degrees, but they do so with sensitivity and humour.

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Re: Favourite TV Shows?

@letitgo each episode of Black Mirror is a different story and most of them are based around scary things that could happen in the future relating to technology. It's on netflix - there's probably a more accurate and eloquent summary on there!

Re: Favourite TV Shows?

@Asche I remember Blackadder! I used to watch it a lot with my parents and sis when we were younger, I don't know which seasons.

With that, I now add Mr Bean (the cute animated one and the live action one) and Horrible Histories to my list of favourite shows Smiley Very Happy

And... I can't believe I forgot LEGO!!!! Smiley Surprised I absolutely LOVE lego. My favourite LEGO show is Ninjago, a show about ninjas with elemental powers. It's beautiful and I love it. Plus there's some Star Wars LEGO mini-movies and shows (Yoda Chronicles and The Freemaker Adventures and also Droid Tales) and I love them all. Yoda Chronicles and Droid Tales are mostly in line with the movies but the Freemaker Adventures is an original story (still within the timeline, but new characters outside of Palpatine, Vader and cameos Smiley Very Happy)

Re: Favourite TV Shows?

Omg, this thread is great. 
I've got a list to keep track of what im watching and where im up to. 

Greys anatomy: S13
Private practice (Greys spin off): S3
Pretty little lairs. S6
Teen wolf. S5
Finding carter. S2
grimm. S1
place to call home. S3

once upon a time. S5

supernatural. S2

heartbeat. S1

game of thrones. S6

chicago fire. S1

arrow. S3

vampire diaries. S7

orange is the new black. S2

gossip girl. 

The originals (TVD spin off) 

Merlin. Just started

Supergirl. S2

And I'm going to create a list of what i want to start. 


Re: Favourite TV Shows?

So if you don't know me I'm a massive sci-fi freak.
I'm obsessed with stargate. And star trek, the best is voyager.
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