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Finding work

Hi Everyone,


I am not to sure if this is right place to post this here (I apologize if it isn't), but I am just wondering if anyone has some tips on finding work. I have recently dropped out of university and I am thinking about looking for work in security. I am going to a job agency this week, but I'd thought I would see if anyone had any tips?





Re: Finding work

Hi @GentleGiant (I really like your username BTW! It's awesome!!)
Regarding work, I think my biggest tip is to be yourself.
I don't have any other advice right now, as I too am looking for work.

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Finding work

hi @GentleGiant, I agree with @Bee's tip - be yourself.


My tip is to make your resume stand out! (Add some colour if you need) My friend says employers will look through many many resumes, so making yours stand out will help Smiley Happy


Re: Finding work

Hi @GentleGiant!

If finding work proves to be difficult (which hopefully it doesn't!) I highly recommend doing an internship or volunteering in a relevant field. It really helps to get your 'foot in the door'. This will also give you highly valuable experience!

Re: Finding work

Hi @GentleGiant! There have been some awesome suggestions already about how to get a job! I know that for me what has always worked is just going into a place and asking, even if there isn't a job being advertised. Often these places have kept my resume on file cause they think I am 'a go getter' (their words, not mineSmiley Happy and then sometimes call me for an interview. 


So if you have a specific company that you want to work for, maybe call them or go into the office and just ask if they have jobs available? or just let them know you are interested and would like to leave a resume? Just an idea of what has worked for me Smiley Happy