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Re: Fitness/body strength challenge/comp

Just reading about this made my abs hurt, so I'm not too optimistic to see how trying it would go for me. I'll still try it later anyway Smiley Tongue

Re: Fitness/body strength challenge/comp

I just gave it a go....can't believe you can do it for over a minute @Ben-RO Smiley Surprised

Re: Fitness/body strength challenge/comp

My excersise I do is jogging, I do it 3 times a week. Smiley Embarassed 

Because of this bloody corona virus, I hope they won't make it so we're in lockdown and CANNOT leave the house. :c That'll just suck, I won't be able to exercise :C

Re: Fitness/body strength challenge/comp

Heya @Animallover2003, I have been thinking how lovely the weather has been as I have been running outside as well! You can also exercise indoors especially if it is raining or if we do have to go into lockdown. There are a few dancing, boxing and HIIT programs out there Smiley Happy

Re: Fitness/body strength challenge/comp

Alright, team. Here it comes.


This is my daily work out and now, my challenge to you:

100 x push-ups

100 x star jumps

100 x squats

100 x sit-ups

300 x weights


My fastest time: 35 mins.


Hehehehehe. But. We can start small. 20 push-ups.


That's my challenge to you!~

Assuming that's what the thread is for. Pls don't bite me xD

Re: Fitness/body strength challenge/comp

I just read the original/first post of this thread and want to try the "arc body hold"...i have tried the opposite way around (i.e., "super man hold") but never this! I'll time how long I can do it for...


@Khajiit... 100 push ups is a lot! I've been working on my push ups but still perfecting them. My upper body strength is pretty poor so... I find it hard to get close to the ground when I do them so yes...currently practicing but far away from being able to do do 100 PROPER pushups in 1 go!

Re: Fitness/body strength challenge/comp

Indeed, very good exercises for training, I probably will take note of them, I also want to say that in general it is very difficult to find good exercises on your own, I mean without a coach, and this can increase the training time in achieving your desired result.

Re: Fitness/body strength challenge/comp

@RobertoDeniro Agreed. I was lucky in the sense that I found reptuable resources that have helped me immensely in terms of my training. These include exercises that would help me gain strength efficiently and quickly.