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Food lovers!

I just burnt my tongue on hot chocolate!

When has your love of food backfired? Tell me your funniest food stories!

Re: Food lovers!

Burning your tonque on a hot chocolate @Whitelion, noooooooooooooo! I do that all the time with my all time favourite, pizza!


I can't think of any good stories, but I do know my partners mum once cooked a dessert with salt instead of sugar, and hilarity ensued!

Re: Food lovers!

Hey @Whitelion!


Gosh, burning your tongue on hot chocolate sounds painful Smiley Sad The same can be said with many other hot foods - like soup and tea!


Having a profound love (or a healthy relationship) with food is invaluable and the joy of cooking your own food is an awesome feeling to have. 


I've heard of people mistakenly using other ingredients in recipes because they think it would be a great substitute haha. Like using Greek yoghurt instead of bechamel sauce in lasagna, or stirring in broccoli into spaghetti bolognaise Smiley Tongue  But there's also been cases where some of my friends have found out about their allergies the hard way > <"

Stay excellent

Re: Food lovers!

haha. this reminds me of the time my grandmother used custard powder instead of gravy powder at christmas and we had custard with our lamb. 

Re: Food lovers!

Well... I once tried to cook myself tortillas... I think that's what they're called. Basically spinach-and-ricotta filled ravioli(no meat) but failed.

I just can't cook meals except for mac and cheese.

Re: Food lovers!

@Whitelion Man, burning your tounge on delish food is the worst! It ruins the whole meal for me! (Well, maybe not quite, but it's definitely depressing!).


And @N1ghtW1ng Mac & Cheese is pretty yummy, so that's definitely not a bad thing Smiley Tongue


I once had a mega huge delish milkshake. Everyone was telling me it was too much and it would make me sick but I insisted I had to have it. I felt so disgustingly ill after it, haha. I basically just had to lay down all afternoon.

Re: Food lovers!

@N1ghtW1ng do you mean tortillini which is a type of pasta that is stuffed? tortiallas are similar to wraps.


one time i mixed cordial and milk.... that was foul. 

//You can stay afraid, or slit the throat of fear and be brave//

Re: Food lovers!

@j95 ah yes, I do mean tortellini, thanks. I knew tortillas sounded off.

Re: Food lovers!

The first time i tried to make my own woodfired pizza, i didn't realise how quickly they cook. Thought it'd be fine to leave it in for 10 minutes. It was well and truly cremated by the time i came back Smiley Tongue


Ugh, that weird numb sensation that happens after you burn your toungue is the worst!  @Whitelion@Myvo@Zekk

Re: Food lovers!

Love woodfired pizza @Ben-RO ! It's one of the things I had to give up! (For medical reasons okay?) :-)

I really hankered for 'something' this arvo. So instead of coffee, or licorice, or the kiddo's porridge, or anything else here, I had three or four dates!.... Aaaargh!!! :-P