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Forming intimate connections

Hi gang , 


Im worried I'm too comfortable on the screen and not being able to form intimate connections IRL. 


I noticed in Aus if you just groove to a song or share a meme ( such @@@ cory the house) at a house party you're okay. Hence I've taken and interest in music events in Aus.


I play some sport but I get too objective oriented. I watch tv and let's say gossip is not the best way on a first impression. 


Aside from hi and a smile idk what to do in actual social setting  if I was working loads.


I need a topic that's light hearted and not interogate people.


I need help in not coming off as cold or disinterested .


I too worried we won't have chemistry and I felt I wasted your time after a hi.


 I come from a culture that's rather inward looking hence other than local references.



Bunny walks

Re: Forming intimate connections

Hi there @BunnyWalks! Smiley Happy

It's totally normal to feel this way about making connections. A lot of people worry that technology is making it harder for people to form intimate connections but every person is different.

To be honest, I'm not the best at talking to people or making friends and such but some good topics to talk about, once suggested by a counselor, include things like movies, songs/bands, video games, sports or even animals or colours, things like that.

I don't really understand chemistry, but sometimes it can take a few times before you meet someone you want to stay with. It's never a waste of time for you or them to experiment and reach out to other people.

What do you think?

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Re: Forming intimate connections

Hi @N1ghtW1ng@,


I reckon that's very sensible way to look at .


I allow myself too much pressure to make an impression on a person. Why am I so insecure ?


I'm caring less about it lately .I'm trying to  avoid polarising topics like politics and pick something with a focus a meaningful topic on an individual level.


I do like the occasional feeling of someone noticing me after looking in.


Movies are okay and a very safe topic imo.