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Funny/weird/entertaining websites!

When I'm in a really bad place and I need a distraction, I'll often consult my best friend, the internet, for help.


So I thought I'd start a thread for weird and wonderful websites that can keep us distracted during tough times! Here's a few of mine:


Akinator: a game, basically, where you try to get this character, a genie called "Akinator", to try and guess what fictional character/celebrity/historical figure/etc. you're thinking of, by answering questions! Hours of fun!


Awkward Family Photos: Exactly as the title says. Just families submitting their worst photos for you and I to have a cheeky chuckle at!


Awkward George: Here's my muso self coming out, but here's a Tumblr blog dedicated to weird photos of former Beatle, George Harrison. There's a surprisingly large number.


Inspirobot: a bot that generates "motivational" images that are more often than not, very, VERY stupid, and not that inspiring at all - but they sure can be funny! Here's one I got!




What websites make you laugh, or entertain you? Share them below!


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Re: Funny/weird/entertaining websites!

Love this idea @trashconverters  ! 

Sometimes having a productive, and "light" , place to go online is what we need! 

Something I love to do, is youtube "dogs surfing". It is a sure way to make me smile. 

I am also a sucker for cute cat instagram accounts. 


Keen to see any other suggestions people have! A reminder to other members to keep to guidelines when posting external links Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Funny/weird/entertaining websites!

Nice thread idea @trashconverters ! Akinator is so accurate it's uncanny!

My favourite internet entertainment when i need a distraction is going on wikipedia spirals, not that weird but very informative Smiley Wink 

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