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Many of you may have already seen or heard about the "Gives Me Hope" website. I think it's really inspiring! So I thought I would stem from this and ask you guys...


What gives you hope?



Here's some examples from the site:












What gives me hope is:


  • When I come online to the RO forums and see complete strangers are taking the time out of their day to respond and help others Robot Happy
  • Hearing people talk about mental health positively in public... as someone who has experienced mental health issues and always thought it had to be "hidden" it gives me hope to hear people just talking about it openly with others. Woman Happy
  • Hearing my partner offer to buy me things I want. Money isn't important, but when we both have so much on her plate knowing she still takes the time to think about me and what I want or need just gives me hope for our long future together. Smiley Happy





Nice one @lanejane! We normally ask that people check in with us ( before linking to a site like this but I'll give this one the approval right here right now!

Online Community Manager




oops my bad!  i've just gone over the guidelines again. question though - if i had posted the above without the external website link would it have been okay?


ps - you didn't mention what gives you hope Robot tongue



I should be working on an assignment due will just add a few for now. Smiley Tongue


Hearing about people volunteering and helping others GMH.


Sometimes I feel unsure about my appearance but it GMH when a loved one or even a complete stranger compliments me. Someone told me my glasses looked cool the other day Smiley Happy


i agree @Lightuptheworld - it GMH when people compliment me, or others. sometimes they are the small acts of kindness that can change your whole day!



When you accidentally make eye contact with a stranger and instead of glaring at you or looking away hurriedly, they offer you a little smile. That's one of those small acts of kindness that really GMH (:

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