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Re: Gift? (help lol)

That's awesome @RandomName ! Smiley Happy Let us know how it goes Smiley Happy

Re: Gift? (help lol)

@RandomName How did the meet up go? Smiley Happy

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Re: Gift? (help lol)


It went friken awesome haha.

Went like this
Got there and met her and her mum who came out to meet my mum and myself. Said hey (she was extremely nervous) and introduced me to her sisters and mums boyfriend and showed me around.
Then we decided to go for a walk down to the bay. Grabbed an ice coffee and juice for her and I and sat down by the sand for a bit.
It was really awkward and we weren't really talking much so we just got up and decided to keep walking for a bit.
Stopped at 3 different spots and sat down and talked again then decided to head back to the first spot we sat at.
After another 5 minutes (By then we'd been walking and talking for about 2 hours) I didn't know when to give it to her, so I just pulled it out of my pocket without thinking and said that I got it for her.
Reaction was the best ever -
She said she didn't want it yet because she was only just starting to get not-nervous. But I wouldn't take it so she just told me to turn around while she opened it. Which i did, then she kinda just squealed and jumped on me and hugged me. the friken kisses me haha. Best first kiss ever.

But yeah, she really liked it and got me to hold onto it until we got back to her place.

When we got back, we went to her room and just started talking about random stuff again. Then when it got awkward I proposed a game of truth or dare. (We've played truth or dare almost every day over facebook ;p )
Then we were just daring each other weird things like "dare you to kiss me agaian" and stuff. then after a bit it started to go to french kissing non-stop for about 15 seconds, which was both our first time kinda and loved it.
Can't really say the rest because it really does get a bit sexual.. but it was the best date I've ever been on lol
100/10 would do it again.

She's going to be closer to me this weekend to visit her grandparents so we might catch up again in town Smiley Very Happy

Thanks heaps everyone in this thread for the support Smiley Wink

TL;DR, It went friken awesome and she loved the necklace Smiley Happy

Re: Gift? (help lol)

That's awesome @RandomName! Smiley Very Happy So glad it went well Smiley Happy

Re: Gift? (help lol)

I'm so happy it went well for you @RandomName! Smiley Happy

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