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Re: Good old memories!

@lokifish You can make any sort you can think of , marshmallow is really yum hot !

Re: Good old memories!

I want chocolate men cookies! LOL!

That kind of reminded me of making S'mores when I was a kid. It's an American thing you do when you're camping. You toast marshmallows over the campfire, then when they're golden brown and really hot and about to melt right off the stick, you put them on a graham cracker (which is a yummy, sweet, honey flavoured flat American biscuit) and a Hershey's chocolate bar. Then you squish it down into a sandwich with another Graham cracker on top. The toasted marshmallow makes the Hershey bar melt... it's a really sweet and delicious dessert when you're camping. Smiley Happy


Another fun thing I remember doing was going trick or treating at Halloween. One year my mom made me a blue dress and I went trick or treating dressed up as Alice in Wonderland. That was fun. Smiley Happy



Re: Good old memories!

Ohhh Halloween was the best! I wish more people in Australia did it! One year my mum got it into her head that me and my brother had to wear 'religious' costumes, yet we managed to convince her into letting my brother be Scooby Doo, a member of Noah's Arc and me be a saint whose actions were so regal, she could be considered to be Queen of the World. I'm not sure if I'm more embaressed that I once dressed up as a princess type thing, or at my shameless ambition at such a young age Smiley Tongue

Re: Good old memories!

My absolute BEST memory was last year.


My family and I had driven from Birmingham down to see Stone Henge and it'd been an amazing day, (quite cold, it was winter!). We collectively sighed when the rain started but we persisted.

When we arrived, we quickly ran from the car, to the boot, got our jackets on and began walking (almost running) to the heated shop.


When running down the carpark, the rain and the wind both picked up and the temperature dropped, the rain felt like needles pinning your entire body!

One of us, (I can't remember who.. too cold!) said, "Why are we still here?!", then simultaneously we all sprinted back to the car.

When we got in, we quickly turned out jackets inside-out and heated the car up.

We were all making noises (supposedly to 'warm us up')!


Anyways, we went back a few days later, still cold but the weather was fine, there was even a proposal!!


Until next time,


Re: Good old memories!

My favourite memories have been spent up the East Coast of Tasmania at my shack with my family. The pristine, empty beaches, gorgoues weather, going for long walks, climbing the mountains, playing games, playing tennis. Just everything. I still go but not very often and it's not the same as when I was a kid. Me and my siblings are all 'too old' for the park now.


I also have beautiful memories of traveling around Europe and Asia on various occassions, I love seeing the world.