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Gush about your special interests!

Since I see quite a few people on here who are neurodivergent (so auties or ADHDers and the like), and other people who people who might not be but still have intense interests, I thought it would be a good idea to dedicate a thread to being able to infodump, since special interests are a good coping mechanism for ND people who might be mentally ill as well.


My special interest is The Pogues! They're a band most prominent in the 80s, who do (or at least, did, they're not active as of 2014) a sort of mix of Irish folk music and punk.  My dad loves them, and of course, having grown up them blasting my ear holes every single day, I eventually got into them too.


The most famous Pogue is the lead singer, Shane MacGowan, known for his incredibly poetic lyrics, his ridiculously hedonistic lifestyle that ultimately led to him being sacked from the band for a bit, and the fact he probably has (or had, he got surgery in 2015) the most infamous set of teeth in rock and roll history.


But my favourite is the late Philip Chevron. He was the guitarist and he wrote my favourite song of theirs, 'Thousands Are Sailing', which is about Irish emigrants to America during the economic turmoil of 80s Ireland, but also just speaks to me as an allegory to experiences of homelessness and homesickness I had last year. The song helped me survive a really tough time.


Chevron was also openly gay and wrote the song 'Lorelei' for his boyfriend, who loved the Lorelei myth. It's about this guy singing to his love while he's traveling on the seas, saying that if he dies on the waters, it wasn't a siren who beckoned him, for he's thinking of his love back home. Its a really beautiful song and I'm currently learning to play it. So he of course inspires me as a gay musician myself.


Do you have any special interests? What are they?


Re: Gush about your special interests!

Whoa @trashconverters that is so interesting, I love hearing about new bands! And as someone with Irish immigrant history myself, very cool and inspiring! Smiley Very Happy Thank you for sharing and for starting this thread! Do you have a favourite song by the Pogues? 


I don’t know whether I’m autistic (mostly because I can’t afford an assessment atm), but I am definitely neurodivergent and I have favourite topics that help me a lot!! Right now it’s a TV show called The 100, it’s about 100 juvenile delinquents (part of a society that is living in space following a nuclear apocalypse) who get sent to the earth to see if it’s survivable.


The main character is Clarke Griffin who’s this badass “leader chick who likes chicks” (as the actress described her!). She’s constantly facing really tough decisions and has to keep her friends safe while also struggling with her relationship with her mother and with other members of the 100. She eventually falls in love with and loses commander Lexa, who’s the leader of the people who survived the nuclear apocalypse on earth. 





There are lots of other amazing characters too, like Bellamy Blake (protective older brother who’s kind of awful at first but eventually redeems himself), Raven Reyes (genius yet emotionally vulnerable mechanic/rocket scientist), Octavia Blake (a girl raised in hiding who ultimately becomes a ruthless warrior), and John Murphy (human disaster who somehow? turns into a truly good person). 




One of my favourite characters, though, is called Luna. She was raised to be a commander like Lexa, but she chose to run away rather than kill others as was required of the commander. Until her death she fights for inner peace and a way back from the terrible things she did in her training. Aaahhh I just adore her so much!!!




Throughout the whole show there are themes of survival and redemption, the idea that whatever you’ve done and whoever you’ve been you can always be forgiven and live a happy life, which I find really inspiring in my recovery! There’s lots of wonderful female characters and lots of awesome characters of colour (like Lincoln, Raven Reyes, Indra, Thelonius and Wells Jaha, Monty, and Nathan Miller) which I really appreciate as a woman of colour! The show also has it’s own language, called Trigedeslang, which I’ve learned some words and sentences in! I can say “Ai giv ai op gon nemiyon kom lanick-de” which means “I give myself to the miracle of the sea” and “Yu gonplei ste odon” which means “Your fight is over” and some other things like that! This show is what I watch when I feel sad or anxious and it always helps me to keep going and have a moment of joy. 


Aaahhh thank you so much for letting me talk about this @trashconverters, it’s my favourite topic ever haha. @N1ghtW1ng and @beagle866 I thought you might be interested in this thread! 





Re: Gush about your special interests!

@DruidChild OMG I love The 100! Isn't it the best? Lexa was my absolute FAVOURITE! I haven't watched the latest season, but you've inspired me to get back into it, so thank you!

Re: Gush about your special interests!

@queenP It IS the best!!!! I adore Lexa and I was so upset when she died. I hope I didn’t spoil anything for you, although I also haven’t seen season 5 because I can’t afford to buy it yet! Smiley Very HappySmiley Very HappySmiley Very Happy

Re: Gush about your special interests!

@DruidChild me too! I remember going to work the day I watched the episode where she died and I was so upset, no one understood what was happening Smiley LOL don't worry, no spoilers! I'll have to track it down too, I don't think it's on Netflix yet Smiley Sad

Re: Gush about your special interests!

I’m not on the spectrum or anything like that but I guess I have a pretty big interest in surfing

Re: Gush about your special interests!

Aw that sounds so sad, what an awful day to have to work @queenPSmiley Sad She deserved so much better! Yep they only have seasons 1-4 on Netflix atm, I think season 6 is coming out soon too! 


@Saltwaterdreamtime That’s cool, do you have a fave place to go surfing? Do you reckon you could ever teach your dogs to surf? Smiley Tongue

Re: Gush about your special interests!

Yeah surfcoast area of victoria @DruidChild like Jan Juc, Bells, Winkipop
sometimes OG but not all the time

Re: Gush about your special interests!

@DruidChildI'll admit, I find it really hard to watch TV shows continually, especially sci-fi and stuff (the only series I've seen from start to finish is Black Books!), but The 100 does seem really interesting. It's super cool that there's a WLW main character!


Also as for my favourite Pogues song? Always 'Thousands Are Sailing'.

@SaltwaterdreamtimeSurfing is pretty cool! How did you get into surfing?

Re: Gush about your special interests!

It is super cool @trashconvertersSmiley Very Happy I love the title of that song, I’ll have a listen!!! What makes it your fave?