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Re: Gush about your special interests!

@trashconverters just decided I wanted to give it a go, never looked back

Re: Gush about your special interests!

Thats so cool @Saltwaterdreamtime, I got that feel when I started my music degree! Its great to have a passion that just, yaknow, makes you feel something special! Idk how to describe it, but that never looking back thing? That's a big mood (though I'm not a surfer, I've tried once and decided never to do it again cause I'm awful at it Smiley LOL )

Re: Gush about your special interests!

Hahaha yes!!! I'm so glad this thread exists. I may have already made one for one of my very special interests (Ninjago Smiley Tongue


(my focus has left now, so remind me to come back to this thread later Smiley Tongue)


It's been awesome reading though everyone's interests and learning some new things! Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy

Re: Gush about your special interests!

Sometimes something reminds why Phil Chevron is my favourite Pogue, and today it was remembering that in his will, he bequeathed his guitars to music students at Mountjoy Prison, and its just so comforting to know he was thinking about what he could do for others, even at the point of his death.


Man, I really love Phil Chevron, he's really inspiring to me.


Re: Gush about your special interests!

Wow what a compassionate and thoughtful person @trashconverters, I can see why he means a lot to you! Smiley Very Happy


I just wanted to share that my favourite show ever (The 100) is coming out with a new season in a month!!!!!! I'm super excited because the trailer looks amazing and also it looks like it has a lot of parallels with Season 2, one of the best and most impactful seasons which changed the characters the most and made them into who they are now imo. There's also going to be a major story line about Clarke's adopted daughter (Madi) which is exciting! I can't stop watching the trailer Smiley LOL

This is the promotional poster for it: