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Re: Halloween Costume Ideas! :D

No need to feel embarrassed @missep heaps of people didnt do halloween. The only halloween thing we done thisyr was my little sister went to a disco for an hour after  school. 

Dont worry there will be more halloweend Smiley Happy

**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Halloween Costume Ideas! :D

Thank you @scared01!

I know now that I need to be more organised and take into account that if life stuff happens then I can still make Halloween work!

Re: Halloween Costume Ideas! :D

@missep There's no reason why you can't dress up on any day Smiley Tongue What would you have dressed up as?

Re: Halloween Costume Ideas! :D

Haha so true @N1ghtW1ng!

I think next year to all the nerdy conventions I will try to dress up as well Smiley Happy

I probably would have gone as zombie Minnie Mouse or Belle (I'm obsessed with beauty and the beast)  Smiley Happy

Re: Halloween Costume Ideas! :D

No need to be embarrassed @missep, I've done that so many times. I like your idea of dressing up for conventions. People always have such great costumes at those.

I ended up being Sally from the nightmare before christmas, and my boyfriend dressed up as Jack for me.

Re: Halloween Costume Ideas! :D

Thank you @Birdeye!

That does make me feel better Smiley Happy

That's such a cool couple costume! Smiley Surprised Smiley Happy

Re: Halloween Costume Ideas! :D

I ended up going as a vampire undercover (think Twighlight, Mortal Instruments, any vampires that pretty much dress normally)- just some false fangs and contact lenses to make my eyes look scary, but my usual everyday clothes. It worked well for the relaxed birthday/halloween (a lot of my friends have birthdays in October and early November) party we were having since only a few people dressed up. 


@missep Cosplay and Comic-Con conventions sound so fun! I sometimes see people on their way to one, and I'm always amazed at the creativity and effort that goes into those costumes, it seems like a great thing if you're a fan! Do you know which one/s you'd want to go to? 


Re: Halloween Costume Ideas! :D

That's such a good idea for a costume @cerulean! A lot of movies, tv shows and books are based on Vampires blending into human society so I think that was really clever of you to think of that! 


Hmm….it's so hard to decide! Probably try to do my favourite characters from anime! The only thing is that I have really long black hair so it's hard for me to fit a wig over all my hair haha. So I have to find characters that are brunette like me! 

Re: Halloween Costume Ideas! :D


I can see how it could be tricky with long dark hair - sometimes your physique (eyes/hair/skin/height/whatever else about you) can make it more of a challenge to dress as your favorite character, but it's definitely doable, some people are very creative! Much easier to go with a character that looks similar to you though! 

Re: Halloween Costume Ideas! :D

So true @cerulean, so true! 

I want to be super authentic as the character you know what I mean? 

I'm like a 0 or 100 kind of person haha