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Re: Halloween

I like Spencer Reid's explanation of Halloween from Criminal Minds:
"Happy all Hallow's Eve folks! To paraphrase from Celtic mythology, tomorrow night all order is suspended and the barriers between the natural and the supernatural are temporarily remooooved!"

His best line made me appreciate those participating in Halloween a bit more though: "That's the best thing about Halloween. You can be anyone you want to be".

Re: Halloween

I don't celebrate, I just want to eat all the lollies Smiley Tongue

Re: Halloween

I don't really celebrate Halloween either - I feel like it's more of an American thing than an Australian thing. That being said, I'm sure chocolate and lollies go on sale around then so it's a good excuse to stock up hahahah.

I also went to a Halloween party one year, where everyone wore costumes, but outside of that it was mostly a house party lol


Re: Halloween

@N1ghtW1ng @safari93



No human being, however great or powerful, was ever so free as a fish

Re: Halloween

@Grake I occasionally did trick or treat as a kid but now I just go to my mate's house each year because she always holds a dress up party and it's lots of fun.

This is it's DRAG themed! I'm SO excited!!!!