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Hang Out Thread Masterlist!

Hello everyone! So you may already know about our list of ToolBox threads in Everyday Life, perfect to help with positive thinking. This thread is a list of Hanging Out threads that are perfect for a distraction or a fun chat! Whether you're after a regular chit chat or after a particular topic such as food or movies, this thread is place for you to find what you're looking for! 


Chit Chatting:

ATSI Gathering Place

A place for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to chat and chill Smiley Happy

Self Isolation Squad 

Hanging out while we're all in self-isolation Smiley Happy

Chit Chat

Have a chat about anything with anyone Smiley Happy

Let's Be Friends

Make some online friends and chat about random topics here!

Right Now I Am

Share what you’re up to right now.

Share Your Holiday Stories

Chat about things that happened on your holidays.


Talk about your hobbies here.

Gush about your Special Interests

Chat all about your special interests, things you love, here!

🏳‍🌈 Trans Community

A space for transgender and gender diverse young people to chat and chill 



CATS! Cats Cats!

Have a cat? Or just like them? Talk about it here!

Doggo/Puppy Appreciation Thread

Share your appreciation for adorable floofers here!


Like birds? Have a bird? Talk about them here! 

Cute Baby Animals

Need a bit of cuteness? Check out this thread to look at and share some cute baby animal pics

Animal Infodump Time

Read about and share some cool facts about animals!


Books, Writing and Art:

Cute, Funny and Inspiring Comics

Look at and share cute, funny or inspiring comics.

Harry Potter

Talk all about the awesome books (and movies) about the wizarding world.


Share what books you’ve read, are reading or want to read and look for recommendations here.

Writers Thread

Talk about the stories or poems you’re writing and learn about what other people are writing too.


Share favourite poems or quotes, whether you read them or wrote them, here!

Photography Fun

Check out some awesome photos from fellow members and share your own!

Creativity / Community Art

Try out our community art challenges, check out awesome artworks and share your own art!



Food and Cooking Fanatics

If you like food or cooking, introduce yourself here!

Recipe Exchange

Share a cool recipe or check some out here!



Video Games

Talk about your favourite video games here!

Lego Games 

All about LEGO video games over here!

Forum Games

Check out our massive list of fun games threads!


Movies and TV:

Good TV Shows/Movies

Share some of your favourite shows and movies to watch here.

Game of Thrones

Talk all about the great show (and books) here!

Brooklyn Nine Nine Chat

Talk all about the hilarious cop comedy here!

My Special Interest Ninjago

Talk all about the LEGO ninja show here!

The Good Place

Talk all about the show The Good Place here!

Horror Movies

Do you like horror movies? Chat about them here!

ABC Kids

Share your love for ABC Kids over here!

Winnie the Pooh

Who doesn’t love this adorable, hunny-loving bear? Chat about him here!


Check out some cool podcasts and share some here!

Star Wars

Do you like Star Wars? Chat about it here!



What are you listening to now

Share whatever song you’re listening to here.

What is your favourite song

Share your favourite song here!




Ever done gymnastics? Or watched a cool movie on the sport? Chat about it here!


Enjoy watching or playing rugby? Chat about it here!


Like skateboarding? Chat about it here!


Chat all about surfing here!



Random Questions

Answer and then ask a random question!

Debate Club

Join us in debating random topics!

5 Random Things About You

Share five random things about yourself!

If you could change your name...

Ever thought about changing your name? Share what you might change it to here!

Memes and Other Funny Stuff

Check out this thread for a huge collection of funny memes.

Inspired Usernames

Share the inspiration behind your username!

Who's Your Role Model?

Read about some awesome people and share your own role models

Kmart Love

Are you a fan of Kmart? Talk about it here!

Tell Us About Your Avatar

Share the story behind your avatar! Why did you choose it?

Xmas Memes and Gifs!!!

Space to share Christmas related gifs and memes!


I am finishing with ReachOut this week, say good-bye here. I'll miss you all!