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Hanging out

Hi there my names dean. I am 24 years old and I suffer from bad anxiety and depression which is hard to deal with day I day out. I’m getting there slowly but just wondering if anyone’s up for a chat or would like to meet up sometime because I like to meet new people and especially people who u understand the same thing I’m going though. 


Re: Hanging out

Hi @dean95 and welcome to the ReachOut Community Smiley Happy 


I can see this is your first post! So many people in this community can relate to living with anxiety and depression, and the daily ins and outs of getting through each moment at a time. We are always around for a chat and to talk through the good times and the bad, I hope you find this community is supportive Heart


Would you like to tell us a little bit more about you? What is happening in your world at the moment? You mentioned that anxiety and depression have been getting better slowly, what does your support system look like?


As an anonymous service, we don't run face to face catch ups, but we do have a ton of community activities online where you can chat to and meet other young people who can relate! There are always members here to chat Smiley Happy

Re: Hanging out

Hi @dean95 ,


I'm Tasi! I find these forums a really great place to hang out and find people going through similar stuff Smiley Happy


How are you today?? I have been tired all day but I just had a really great shower and I am feeling pretty happy in bed now haha!

Re: Hanging out