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Hanging out

Hi does anyone know any good movies to watch at the moment maybe a must watch horror film,adventure

Re: Hanging out

Hi @Love_elmo77,


I have been watching some adventure films lately, stan and netflix have a ton!


Just watched the John Wick series- it's a heavy action movie but has some really interesting plot lines that make sense when you watch them all. Also started watching the Bourne series which I hadn't seen before. Have you seen either of those before?


During lockdown my friend and I made a shared list of all the movies we hadn't seen but wanted to watch, and it's been really fun to tick those off together even when we are watching from different houses. 


What are your favourite adventure and horror movies?

Re: Hanging out

I almost forgot, we had a conversation a while back about horror movies and thought it might have some more options for you!


In our hanging out masterlist we have a ton of movie suggestion threads that might be helpful too Smiley Happy

Re: Hanging out

@Jess1-RO interesting,might look into those films as I’ve never seen them before.My favourite movies are IT i think that’s pretty scary & my favourite adventure film is Jumanji

Re: Hanging out

@Jess1-RO will check it out